Ronda Rousey Drawing Audiences in Expendables 3 Trailer [Video]

Ronda Rousey Drawing Audiences in Expendables 3 Trailer [Video]

Rhonda Rousey

With the release of Lionsgate’s latest trailer for the Expendables 3 movie, coming out August 15, audiences are already being drawn by the appearance of Ronda Rousey from the UFC in the trailer. She is a double threat when it comes to drawing an audience, and the studios have made sure to take advantage of that fact by showcasing her scenes in this latest trailer release.

The UFC Bantamweight champion is no stranger to attention. She has demonstrated significant poise with balancing her fighting and acting careers to date. When first announced, her role in the upcoming Expendables 3 movie was met with some trepidation among her fans. The questions and concerns raised ranged from the thought that she might somehow lose her edge with a shooting schedule stuffed in alongside a training schedule. After seeing this latest trailer, and the physical nature of the shots she was shown in, it may well be that the shooting schedule required her to be at least as fit as her normal regimen for the ring.

Playing alongside a veteran cast which includes such action-thriller giants as Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, and Sylvester Stallone, injesting new blood to the team previously featured in the franchise would require a personality the size of Ronda Rousey’s to draw fresh audiences. Reaction to the trailer thus far has been positive enough for the executives at Lionsgate to be confident in their choice. Her success in the ring, and popularity as a draw for the UFC, have quieted rumblings about her somehow turning soft. It is a tough poimt to make in light of her record.

When interviewed, she has said that she is looking forward to her upcoming title defense on July 5. It will be her fourth straight title defense, and might finally silence the critics. Given the fact that she will be facing in Alexis Davis a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt with a different skill set from her previous opponents, if she is able to pull of a victory at UFC 175, she will be breaking what she has referred to as the “stereotype” that Judo fighters are not as skilled as those from the Jiu Jitsu discipline.

Rousey fights, by her own description, with an absence of emotion. Her style is all focus and no frills. It is a contrast to the Brazilian style Capoeira  Jiu Jitsu of her opponent. It is in even more contrast to the skill set required for her acting. The toughness and physicality which makes her perfect for the action-hero role, is not usually seen juxtaposed with actual emotional expression in her UFC appearances. In this role, viewers might get a glimpse of her in a light that they are not used to. Judging from the response to the trailer, it is clear that the emotional side of the champion is something people might want to see more of.

While it is unlikely that she will change her fighting style to give that view in the ring, she appears to be in no danger of losing her faithful moviegoer following, and will likely be in demand for some time to come. The release of this Expendables 3 trailer has done nothing to hurt her reputation, and everything to draw new audiences to the franchise. The calculated decision to feature Ronda Rousey was one which seems likely to be repeated in the weeks leading up to the AUgust 15 release of the movie.

By Jim Malone


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