Trump Has a Message for Suburban Voters

Trump Has a Message for Suburban Voters

President Trump’s message for suburban voters is “They want to destroy our suburbs”. He refers to letting the value of the suburbs the area so many people have worked hard to go downhill. This is not the first time the president has spoken about what Democrats will do to the suburbs. He has given warnings about them for some time.

The election is coming up this year and the president is making his case for re-election. Trump’s biggest competition is Joe Biden a Democrat. He has said that Biden is too soft to make the necessary moves to lower the crime rates. This relates to cities like Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. The President was hinting early this week that Chicago will be receiving federal agents.

Chicago has always been a city with crime a lot of people think this will never change. Chicago’s crime has not gotten better despite the efforts of Mayor Lightfoot and Governor J.B. Yet only the Chicago Police Department has asked for federal help. President Trump was not supportive of the mayor and the governor’s approach.

He is convinced Biden will allow the value of homes to fall as well as a rising crime rate. He has also made the statement, “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America” after showing a clip of a woman calling 911 for help with an intruder and nobody answering for reference. Furthermore, he claims that Joe Biden falsely wants to defund the police (Biden has specifically said this isn’t true).

Trump spent over $18 million in television ads to try to make Biden look bad from this point of view. In 2018, Trump refers to this topic as letting a bunch of migrants cross the border to America and bring gangs which raise the crime rate. He wants people to be ‘very afraid’.

Trump’s message seems to be targeting the suburbs because they represent 50% of the electorate vote, he knows that he barely won the votes back in the 2016 election. In the coming election, it shows signs that Biden will win the suburbs and Trump is doing whatever he can to prevent.

The President would also explain that the racial injustice protest in Seattle will be in every city and every community(If a Democrat was elected). Describing them as chaotic and confusing mayhem.

The suburbs vote will play an important role and could even be the deciding factor in this year’s election. Biden a Democrat, pledges to transform the suburbs with his campaign. This year’s election made clear that the president would have to show how much he cares for the suburbs. Trump has currently suspended the enforcing of the AFFH rule and is trying to end what President Obama started toward the end of his time in office.

This rule ensures low-income housing in the suburbs that everybody would have the chance to live. Trump’s claims will bring the value of the suburbs down with it. The AFFH will not only distribute Fair Housing but also the good schools, parks, and a safer environment.

In the latest ABC News and Washington Post poll Biden, the suburbs vote 55% to 40% percent of registered voters. Surveys from a couple of sources also had Biden ahead by a significant margin(8-15%). He is earning a historic amount of suburb support for a Democrat which is come at a crucial time.

Written by: Anay Amoah

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore Flickr Page – Creative Commons license

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