Victoria Beckham: A Walk Down Fashion Lane

Victoria Beckham: A Walk Down Fashion Lane

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Everyone remembers Victoria Beckham back in the days when The Spice Girls were not just a band but more of a female world domination sensation. It has been a while since the 80s and Beckham, like everyone else has, evolved her fashion into a business that is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. To find out how did Victoria Beckham walked down the lane into fashion history, one just has to take a look at the Diva’s fashion evolution.

Victoria BeckhamWhen Beckham was known as Posh Spice, the pop singer brought the little black dress into the forefront and that is where it stayed. While other band members were expressing themselves through flashy and outrageous costumes, Posh remained true to her demur self in monochrome classics. Posh Spice took the little black dress to a whole new level and that was just the beginning.

When performing in South Africa for the Prince of Wales and Prince Harry, Posh dressed in all white, revealing her mid torso, though wearing a white blazer to tone the skin down. The Spice Girls landed their first Vogue cover a few months later as if as a foreshadow for what was to come for Posh Spice.victoria beckham

When dating David Beckham, Victoria was seen in that famous little black dress again until the couple started to dress in matching outfits. On Valentines Day in 1998, the dynamic duo were seen together both in suits. Victoria stole the glances however, as underneath her purple blazer was just a black bra. The couple matched up again, this time wearing Versace black leather ensembles. The couple wore the matching black leather outfits at the Italian designers party in 1999. A night that David Beckham still cringes about to this day. David told Mail Online, “They were Versace.” the athlete said, “But that’s one when I look back and am like, ‘What was I thinking?'”Victoria Beckham

victoria beckhamPregnant with her first child, Brooklyn, Victoria stepped out in a fitting black dress at the Marco Pierrs Whiite’s Titanic Bar opening.

When the Spice Girls split and Victoria pursued her solo career, it seems that the Spice Girl was leaving Posh behind. The singer wore a red leather outfit with cut outs that was a far cry from her demur Posh look. She wore the daring outfir while performing Out of Your Mind at Radio 1 Road Show. Though her solo career did not take off to the heights of the Spice Girls, things were brewing for Victoria in the fashion industry.Victoria beckham

In 2004, Victoria appeared on the cover of Spanish Vogue, without the Spice Girls, slowing paving her way into the fashion world. In 2006, Victoria cut her hair and added blonde highlights and suddenly the singer was evolving into a more sophisticated look at the Chanel fashion show in Paris covering the 2007 spring/summer line.

She revisited her monochrome style in 2007 at an Armani store opening. Mrs. Beckham, though all in black, sophisticated looks were becoming the standard.

As we walk down fashion lane in the life of Victoria Beckham, some outfits just did not sit right with fashion critics. Like the short, tight, zebra printed leather dress with a hot pink brazier and Christioan Louboutin heels. Not to mention what she wore at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in 2007. Posh wore a Roberto Cavalli corset and a beige Chanel bolero.Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham posted an image to Instagram of the dress she wore with her very first date with David. It was a flasback to the past but the sentiment was adorable.

Victoria BeckhamNow, Victoria Beckham is a style icon and fashion designer as well as one of the long list of celebrities that can say they have graced the cover of Vogue. What is in store next for Mrs. Beckham her fans can only guess. Taking a walk down fashion lane with Victoria Beckham shows fashionista’s everywhere that one may not make it on the best dressed list every time but with persistence, one will always rise to the top.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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