About Us

Headliners Today uses the same system of training fledgling journalists as Guardian Liberty Voice. The publication focuses on professional coverage of all things related to the entertainment industry and show business in general.

Following the same mission statement of  “inclusivity” Headliners Today aims to provide all sides of the story of those who are in the news. The very name of the paper indicates what type of coverage is provided for the reader. People, or events, that are in “today’s headlines” or today’s news will be written about by a group of professionals who are passionate about their subject matter.

While entertainment is the mainstay of the publication the title, Headliners Today, also dictates that non-show business topics prominent in the world of news will be covered as well. Politics, cuisine, fashion, travel, ethnic issues and more are available to the reader who wants up to date information on a wide range of subjects.

Headliners Today offers readers the chance to attend the boot-camp writer’s course hosted by the Liberty Voice Institute. At the end of training, qualified writers will receive their journalistic certification.

In terms of entertainment news and gossip, no unsubstantiated rumours or deliberate untruths will be posted on this site. Inclusivity includes integrity, with articles on Headliners Today  striving to be honest and not adopting a “mud-slinging” or sensationalist style of reporting on celebrities.

Headliners Today strives to report the current news of what is happening when it is happening. The publication not only focuses in on news in today’s headlines, but also makes a special effort to zero in on those events and individuals who will be “headlining” tomorrow.