Katy Perry Styles Fashion Despite Pregnancy

Katy Perry Styles Fashion Despite Pregnancy

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child soon which will a girl. Katy Perry says there’s no shame in styling a crop-top while being pregnant. The singer also is working on the release of a new album soon while showing her merchandise on Instagram. She wore the ‘SMILE’ white croc top with yellow shorts that had red and white stripes.

There is another picture that showed her wearing a black ‘SMILE’ cap and a red mask. The clothing/merchandise resembles a clown and rainbow-themed. The merchandise includes shirts, hoodies, tote bags, face masks, etc. Every item includes a digital download of ‘SMILE’ to go along with.

The songstress added being pregnant made her grateful and value her body. The couple should be expecting the child in the coming months as her pregnancy is coming to an end. When asked about the picture on a virtual radio show Katy Perry said “I wanted to wear this piece of merchandise that I had made for my record but I was like, It’s a crop top … Can I wear that?”

Then, she came to the consensus that “I’m gonna be a mom, I was like F**k it!” Katy at age 35 feels as she is about to be a mom she can still have fun with what she wears and still enjoy her young body. She is also at the “swollen” stage where parts of the body including feet are swelling.

Written by: Anay Amoah

Edited by Sheena Robertson


People.com: “ Katy Perry Says She’s ‘Never Too Pregnant’ for a Crop Top as She Rocks Her Own Merchandise

Image courtesy of Flickr provided by Hello/Katy Perry

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