Top Anime That You Cannot Miss

Top Anime That You Cannot Miss

Top Anime That You Cant Miss

Have you just finished an anime and dont know what to watch next? Look no farther, there are tons of anime you can watch free on many various streaming sources. Here are some of the best:

Gintama: If you want to laugh, this is a great choice, Gintama is hands down the funniest show you can watch.  It tells the “story” of Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura, the 3 workers at the Odd Jobs Gin. Basically, people pay them to do various jobs. The setting however is what makes it unique. It takes place in Edo Japan, taken over by aliens. This gives the show both the ability to tell stories in a setting that fits the past, and in futuristic sci-fi settings. The comedy for the show is amazing, impossible not to laugh at, and it does not stop there. The show also will have the occasional story arc. These arcs show the anime’s true brilliance. It takes these same characters that were using the Shogun as a snowboard a few episodes prior, and puts them into heartfelt and action packed stories. If you have not seen this anime, you need to.

Hunter X Hunter: Considering that it is the second most popular anime on the popular Crunchyroll website, it is clear that this is not an unpopular anime.  However, it is still not as popular as it should be. Don’t judge it by its cover. It is a series which looks and feels like a Shonen series, but has a plot and that feels Seinen as well, making it enjoyable for any audience. Hunter X Hunter is the tale of Gon Freecss. It tells of  his quest to become a pro hunter and find his estranged pro hunter father. This anime is a masterpiece. The show starts off slow, but as it continues from episode to episode, the show gets better and better until all of a sudden you realize that you are watching one of the best anime ever made. You grow to love the characters (and then cry when some of them get their heads cut off 3 seconds later) and enjoy their every interaction. The battles are not just crazy fist fights, and are more strategic interesting battles. Everything about it is great. It is one of the anime series which could almost be described as perfect.

Medaka Box (Abnormal): If you are going to watch a fan service anime, may I please ask that you skip nonsense like To Love-Ru and watch this instead. Medaka Box parodies various Shonen genres, and fan service is one of them. The first season of the anime covers the tale of Kurokami Medaka, a girl who abnormally had 98 percent of her school elect her student council president. She opens a suggestion box, and vows to help anyone who leaves a suggestion in the box. The show continues to show her amusing, fan service full adventures, until the genre change. At the end of the season, the genre of the show takes a change for the interesting, and I wont spoil more than that. All I will say, is that its an interesting show, and you should keep watching until season 2.

One Piece: Ok, so perhaps you don’t need to be told that the most popular series in Japan is a good anime, but its an anime  that is worth watching. It is just worth mentioning that the famous Shonen show about the future pirate king and his search for the treasure known as the One Piece is a good show. It needs to be said that you should not keep from watching just because of the intimidating amount of episodes (651 as of now).

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Ahh, Jojo, how can I describe you without scaring everyone away. Jojo is the story, (stories) of the adventures of the Joestar family line as they fight off vampires, Aztec super gods and more.  The best part of the whole thing, is the fact that during the whole thing, everyone is posing like there is no tomorrow. For more on why you need to see Jojo, follow the link below to see an entire article on why this series is as popular as it is.

If you are stuck on what anime you want to watch next, look no farther. These anime are great choices, enjoy watching.

Opinion by Reuben Malone

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