Game of Thrones Episode Review: Mockingbird

Game of Thrones Episode Review: Mockingbird

Game of Thrones Episode Review: MockingbirdDue to the episode title I was briefly hoping for a cool crossover episode where Katniss Everdeen appears as Tyrion’s champion and exposes all of Westeros as an elaborate game show for the entertainment of the wealthy in Capital City.

But I was wrong. Sadly.

We do learn that Jaime cannot even beat a stable boy with his left hand. Seems like he should hot step it to Casterly Rock before that information gets around Kings Landing.

It appears Tyrion’s plan was Jaime as champion and then Bronn if necessary. Of course Bronn has already been bought off by Cersei. He looks resplendent in his new garb and I think Tyrion’s got far more loyalty from him than one has a right to respect.

In last season’s episode, “The Climb”, Littlefinger’s gave a graceful monologue outlining how in times of chaos opportunity presents itself to those who seek it. Littlefinger certainly does this aggressively and now it seems Bronn finds himself rising just as quickly. From sellsword to knight to nobleman and potentially a lord (once he offs the eldest sister) all with the effortless air of Spicoli ordering pizza in Mr. Hand’s class.

I like to envision a conclusion where only Littlefinger and Bronn remain standing in Westeros while Dany and Tyrion justly govern the little people (sorry) in Essos.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how this all eventually ends. I think we can safely assume that it will be the creative team at HBO orchestrating the vinegar strokes once Martin has either falling woefully behind or perishes. With this scenario why couldn’t Dario and Dany wed and rule the iron throne? Anything is possible really.

Or, how about Shireen (Stanys’ daughter) evolving from an erudite little girl to a powerful political operator. Perhaps her scales even indicate some sort of powerful magic. Everyone claims Stannis is battle tested warrior but most of his fleet is at the bottom of Blackwater Bay, so maybe not so much. The real power of the House Baratheon may be locked away in a dungeon explaining silent K’s.

When all is said and done, and winter has come, and HBO is airing season 10, I put the following odds for the occupant of the Iron Throne (no spoilers here, because it hasn’t been written this far):

Littlefinger: 5:1
-impenetrable fortress
-Solid claim to the north, especially once Arya is hand delivered

Dany 5:1
-cause dragons and eunuchs
-doesn’t have a hard time commanding the loyalty of trained killers (even eunuchs)

Stannis 15:1
-Only because of money
-The guy can’t seem to get out of his own way and even the red lady admits most of the magic stuff is parlor tricks.

Jon Snow 20:1
-Because he’s dreamy

Hodor (wogged by Bran) 100:1
-Unites the Wildings, defeats the white walkers and storms south atop a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Anyone from Greyjoy 1000:1
-Those knuckleheads couldn’t even break out a dogman. One dogman, how hard is that? Ironborn my ass.

Regardless of the outcome, Maegery Tyrell will obviously be the queen. (Yes even with Dany, which would call for a very special episode of GoT).

It’s nice to see that Arya’s chubby friend is doing well. It’s nice to see how the common folk of Westeros get by when they’re isn’t any high drama going on. It probably means they’re making a mold of the actor’s head to place on a spike in an upcoming episode.

Speaking of Arya, she’s on a nice little streak of homicide. Several years ago some friends of my wife’s named their first baby girl Arya. They had read all the books, but we had only finished watching part of season one. We thought, gee that girl really has spunk, what a cool name. Turns out they knew all along that Arya was a death machine set on super psycho. We don’t talk to that couple as much any more.

ANYWAY… up at the wall everyone is treating Jon Snow like a wacky detective in a bad TV show. You know, the one that brilliantly catches a criminal every single week but his colleagues keep saying stuff like, “get out of the way and let the professionals handle it”. Meanwhile the character development for the leader of the knight’s watch appears to be: make him as unlikable as possible so that when a giant tears him in two it’s more satisfying.

Recent posting in the Kings Landing Gazeteer:

Wanted: “Training Partners” for the queen regent’s champion. No experience needed. REALLY, no experience needed, a hanging piece of meat could do this job.

Seriously, what training benefit is there for the Mountain to chop down a bunch of malnourished and untrained prisoners?

I’ve saved the big news for last somehow, but the battle between the Mountain and Oberyn should be epic. Of course, I’m sure Martin will find a way to make it as heartbreaking as possible.

And lastly, the correct individual flew out Chekov’s moon door. I guess Robin is on formula from now on.

By Matthew Helbach

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