Jay Z and Beyonce “Drunk in love”

Jay Z and Beyonce “Drunk in love”

Jay Z and Beyonce "Drunk in love"Latest news shows that the couple Jay z and Beyonce are indeed drunk in love. The couple that most would call one of the more private celebrity couples in hollywood have taken their love to another level, some would call it being drunk in love. Rekindling the flame over and over again. Being spotted out openly displaying their love for one another, sporting the finest. Beyonce and Jay z are a show stopping couple at the various times the couple were spotted they displayed a fire burning like never before.

Fans went wild when Icon Rap Artist Jazy Z surprised his lovely wife Beyonce “Queen B” with a special duet on stage during the Direct Tv Saturday night headliner, looking amazing. Were the couple performed at Pier 40 in New York city NY. A year after King B’s performance in the 2013 Super bowl, and a week later as the couple had become the most talked about couple in Hollywood, after their performance of the Hit song drunk n love. Were Jay Z and Beyonce had their sexy show stopping performance of the single drunk n love. As Jay z grabbed Queen B’s rear then a kiss on the lips dancing back to back. On January 26, 2014

The couple has been spotted since at Beyonce’s half time performance at the Super bowl. Were she reunited with former band mates of destiny’s Child. There the rap icon is spotted, stealing a big hug from his wife, Our source tells us that after the show had ended the only person Queen B wanted to celebrate with was her husband Jay z, the couple looking drunk n love as they leave the superbowl on feb 3, 2014. Beyonce and Jay Z are spotted running down the hallway surrounded by cameraman and fans. Laughing as Beyonce tries to hold her starbucks drink while her hubby Jay Z tries to assist her.

It is safe to say that this couples relationship has grown to another level. During Beyonce London performance the Diva invited her hubby onstage for a sexy duet which left the audience stunned at the physical attraction of the couple wed in 2008, the fire is indeed blazing.

Beyonce launches her world tour beginning 2014, Titled “The Mrs. Carter Show”. With some unexpected performances and costumes that are only heard of. While on tour the couple made a visit to the Anne Frank house in Ambsterdam were the cople sined the petition, they also toured the museum of the famous jewish diarist. Who hid form nazi persecution in world war 2. The Queen B also announced her new line of fragrance. Beyonce holding back on the new single the holy grail, un heard of until after the end of her world tour April 2015. Im sure during the wtour their will be special performaces with her and her soul mate, The rap icon Jay Z and sure to appear the lovely Blu Ivy.
The couple has plans on renewing their marriage vow son April 4, 2014 believed to be the second time, a source tells us that the couple renewed vows as they did celebrate their 4th year wedding anniverary in 2012. The couple known as crazy in love. Now six years later drunk in love even the more.

By Kenya Tolonaa-McMillian

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