Real Housewives of New York Season 6 Episode 2 Aviva’s Most Awkward Moments

Real Housewives of New York Season 6 Episode 2 Aviva’s Most Awkward Moments

 Real Housewives of New York The second episode of The Real Housewives of New York was filled with backstabbing, cattiness, gossiping, and drinking. And that was just from Romona and Aviva! Lets count down the most awkward moments of season 6 episode 2:

1. Romona and Aviva meet to pick out wine. Aviva has clearly decided to win over Romona with drinking and compliments—and Romona is falling for it. It is uncomfortable to watch these two interact because I can tell Aviva does not really care about being Ramona’s friend. She is insincere and calculating with how she flatters her with compliments. It’s awkward to watch Aviva fawn over Romona. It’s more awkward to realize Romona is buying into it. Does she really expect us to believe that she needs advice on picking out wine from Romona? She just plays a submissive role to win over people.

2. Aviva also meets Carole for lunch. When Carole sits down, Aviva tells her she copied Carole and bought the exact same glasses. Weird. Then she asks Carole for guidance on writing her book—again, playing the submissive card. Then Aviva tells Carol she finished writing her book and it was so much fun. She felt it was as easy as writing an email… Seriously Aviva? No wonder Carole was getting upset because Carole is actually a writer. Carole knows how much time goes into a book project and Aviva belittled it. Aviva came off as condescending, controlling, and just plain weird.

3. Aviva then spreads lies about Carol having a ghostwriter. Aviva lies to Romona and says that Carole was considering to her over lunch and that the “word on the street” is that Carole had a ghostwriter. Where does Aviva get her “street” info? Does she have a homeless network like Sherlock? Anyways, the sad part is that Romona believes her. This was hard to watch because Carole has been nothing but nice to Romona and Romona should have defended her, but she took Aviva’s side. At least the new housewife Kristen stuck up for Carole. Go Kristen! I think she is more than just pretty—she’s a smart girl and I hope she keeps sticking up to these ladies.

4. Carole pulls Aviva upstairs and confronts her about spreading lies. Carole is a class act. She lets Aviva know she crossed the line and Aviva—instead of apologizing—goes into attack mode. It’s obvious that Aviva was prepared to have a war with Carole. She did not hesitate but immediately fired off insults. She accused Carole of no one wanting her book and says a man wrote it all, and then she said, “Who do you think you are? Stephen King? John Grishm?” RUDE! That was insulting, uncalled for and Carole didn’t deserve that. Aviva made herself seem crazy and evil.

So, what is the greatest common denominator in these situations? Aviva! I think she is mean spirited—that is clear from last season—and she is trying to change her image. The problem is she is completely transparent. She is trying to get Romona on her side and she is attacking Carole because she needs a distraction. Scenes with her are so socially awkward. She just comes across as a phony. She watches others so intently, reading every nonverbal cue, then she tells jokes and fake laughs along with them.

Moving forward, I hope Romona sees that Aviva is not sincere and stops ganging up with her and I hope Carole gets her publisher to comment on Aviva’s lies.
Can’t wait to see the next episode! —Sara Petersen

By Sara Petersen


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