2014 Miami Fringe Project : Temporary Artwork in the city of Miami

2014 Miami Fringe Project : Temporary Artwork in the city of Miami

Miami Fringe Project

In collaboration with Miami Downtown Development Authority (Miami DDA), this year’s Miami Fringe Project will feature six local artists who will create temporary, site specific artwork around downtown Miami’s urban landscape. Each project will be presented for ten consecutive days during at the end of September. All of these works have been carefully selected and commissioned by Art in Public Places of Miami Dade County and curated by Amanda Sanfilipo.

Sanfilipo, who began curating Miami Fringe Project in 2013, is a writer and cultural producer focusing on contemporary art and institutions. She has published over fifteen pieces of writing on contemporary art. Sanfilipo holds a BA from the University of Vermont and an MA from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

These six commissioned artists will be presenting interactive works around downtown Miami, all with their own themes and ideas.
The artists picked for this year are Nicholas Lobo, Domingo Castillo, Jenny Brillhart, Moira Holohan, Emmett Moore and Kevin Hart & Barron Sherrer.

Nicholas Lobo will present “Á Rebours”, a project that will play with your sense of smell. During the two week presentation, every hour, on the hour, a perfume selected from a specialty shop in downtown will be released onto the streets through misting nozzles. The perfume will be mixed with distilled water and released from a 1 story height in order to carry the scent through the city. Natural Florida breezes will determine exactly how far this scent will be carried.

Domingo Castillo will be presenting “777 International Mall.” As the title of his piece states, this interactive project will take place at the site of the 777 International Mall, where Castillo will develop a collaborative performance of Ubu Roi around and within the mall. Ubu Roi, a play by Alfred Jarry, is known to be one of the most influential plays of the modern era of theater in the twentieth century. The performance will include rehearsals, organization and presentation, using the days to think, rehearse and rework the play to suit its unconventional setting.

Jenny Brillhart will present “Flat Prospect”. Using printed vinyl, Brillhart plans to repurpose everyday, overlooked but architecturally functional forms by creating flattened images of three dimensional spaces. Through her work, Brillhart plans to relay the message that perspective is important to understanding our environment.

Moira Holohan will be creating a collaborative project, utilizing two local dancers. Holohan will use the urban environment as a stage to explore art practice and performance in a meditative state. Holohan’s presentation will include body sculptures, performances and a video animation for the public to watch and activate in association with the flow state of consciousness. The dancers are set to perform during the weekends of the Miami Fringe Project at dusk. They will be wearing body constraints made by Holohan. When the dancers are not present, the constraints will be left for the public to activate. Using green screen fabric, the constraints will hang from building 3 of the Wolfsonian campus in downtown. Holohan plans to film the performances, using the green screen fabric to enable an editing that will allow her to create marks of the movement on her video animation. Holohan plans to work on the video throughout the week, making it available digitally during the final weekend through a QR code.

Emmett Moore will be presenting “Methods of Action”, utilizing a title based on the phrase created by Charles Eames to describe design. Moore’s interactive display will be presented at three different stops for public transport around downtown. Three iconic chairs will be chained to a bus stop, Metrorail and Metromover stop, to be used by the general public. The chairs used for this project will be Jen Rizom’s lounge chair, Charles Eames’ shell chair and the Emeco 1006 navy chair. All three of these chairs were designed around technological advancements and material restrictions brought on as a result of WWII.

Kevin Arrow & Barron Sherrer will be creating an instant historical archive through the use of Instagram of the ever-changing Miami cityscape. They will be sharing photographs of the historical Dupont Building of Miami as well as other street views and landmarks within a 1 mile radius. The public will be encouraged to add their own pictures to the archive. The pictures will be shared on Instagram through the hashtag #DDAFF2014

The Miami Fringe Project will begin on September 19, 2014 and last for ten consecutive days. Wether its through public transportation, the internet or by walking, you will be able to enjoy free art available to the public, as well as be encouraged to interact with most of the projects. You will find all of these presentations in and around a walkable radius of downtown Miami.

By Monica Sharon


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