America Mourns the Loss of Robin Williams

America Mourns the Loss of Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Recently media outlets announced the untimely death of comedian Robin Williams. At age 63, police found Williams dead in his Northern California home. Suicide may have been the cause of death. Johnny Dark, a comic actor and comedian, immediately took to his Facebook page to rant and mourn the loss of his beloved friend. In the post, he described his friendship with Robin Williams, and some of their comedic exploits.

Like many who mourned upon news of his death, Dark recounted his superb talent and captivating audiences through screen and on stage. Robin is survived by his wife and three children. Those who knew Robin mentioned that he suffered from depression. Although we will never knowwhy a man so talented could suffer so much, he managed to warm our hearts with his talent. Films like “Good Morning, Vietnam,” “Good Will Hunting,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and “The Butler,” demonstrated the actor’s ability to go from film to stand up without any hesitation.

Shortly before his death, Williams paid tribute to his daughter Zelda on her 25th birthday on Instagram. The “tbt” photo was of Williams holding Zelda as a child. Friends and fans alike paid tribute to Robin upon hearing the news of his death. Although the Marin County Coroner cited suicide by asphyxia as the cause of death, the findings are preliminary. The Coroner’s office released a statement indicating that a forensic examination would be conducted on August 12, 2014, with toxicology screen to follow.

The Wrap reported that Williams had gone into rehab in July to assist in maintaining his sobriety; however, it remains unclear if he indeedentered rehab for recent substance abuse issues. Most have paid tribute to Williams through social media or public statements to press. Mourners are glued to the internet as news outlets continue to release information about his life and death. Both CNN and FoxNews reported that the comedian hanged himself with a belt.

A spokesperson for the Marin County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference to announce how the comedian died. Williams was found by an assistant in a different room of the house. Williams’ wife thought he was sleeping and didn’t check on him the morning of his death. She last saw him on August 10, 2014 when she went to bed. During the press conference, the Sheriff’s spokesperson indicated how Williams was found by his assistant, outlined the preliminary findings of death, and updated the public on the investigation.

By Tori Bryant

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