Amla Might Have Benefits for Health

Amla Might Have Benefits for Health


Amla is a fruit that is greenish yellow in color and grows on a tree. This fruit ripens in damp and semi-mountainous parts of the Indian subcontinent. An amla fruit looks like a plum except it is a lighter color than a traditional plum. The fruit is very nutritious, but very sour in taste. Fortunately, this fruit is available in dried form as well as fresh fruit and juices as well. Despite the unusual taste, this fruit packs a powerful nutritional punch including very high vitamin C content. Some of the benefits of consuming this fruit include better food absorption, increases vitality, improves muscle tone, flushes out toxins, promotes healthier hair and many more incredible benefits.

Amla is one of the more popular remedies in the Ayurvedic treatments. For internal benefits, Amla improves digestion, reduces some effects of diabetes, and helps to prevent cancer. Amla improves digestion because the fruit is rich in dietary fiber which helps with healthy bowel movement which keeps the digestive tract clean. It reduces diabetes because amla contains antioxidants that help with some of the issues caused by diabetes such as regulating glucose in the person’s blood and decreasing albumin levels. Those same antioxidants that help control diabetes, also helps with cancer prevention. Since amla is rich in antioxidants, they will help keep deadly free radicals at bay.

More health benefits include weight loss, anti-inflammatory, and lowers blood pressure. Amla helps with weight loss because the juice from the amla fruit helps to lower the fat content in the body. Since amla is a rich source of vitamin c, the vitamin c helps to flush different toxins out of the body. Amla has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces pain and swelling in the body. The polyphenols present in amla help in lowering high blood pressure as well. It is recommended to consume amla (whether juice or powder) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for best results.

For those who are interested in the beauty benefits of amla, there are plenty to choose from. Hair growth and maintenance can be greatly improved by regular consumption of amla. It strengthens the roots of hair and improved hair growth and color. It can be used in paste or liquid form and still receive the same benefits. The high vitamin c content and antioxidants also make amla excellent for skin care as well. Vitamin C helps with ideal digestion which helps to flush out toxins. That results in blemish free skin with a healthy glow. Acne sufferers can benefit as well because this fruit is anti viral and full of antioxidants. For those suffering from the onset of aging and wrinkles, this is a very good, all natural item to use to keep aging to a minimum or hold off the process altogether.

Amla contains many positive attributes for good health since it contains very high vitamin c content in addition to a host of vitamins and minerals vital to the body. Many people other than people familiar with the Indian culture are unaware of the nutritious gem unfortunately. Please consult your doctor before consumption and if you get the approval do your body a favor and add amla to your daily regime.

By Ashleigh Hearn


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