Kwame Binea to Work With Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment [Video]

Kwame Binea to Work With Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment [Video]

Kwame Binea’s journey began in West London and led to him becoming the “Dread King” of Harlem New York, which is impressive. He sold out iconic venues up and down the East Coast and in the Midwest of America. Binea has become a fan favorite for those who love his unique style of what he calls Rock and Soul music with his big band.

Binea will embark on yet another sell-out tour of America in 2018, while his sights are firmly set on a return to his homeland and city of birth, London. He is teaming up with Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment in hopes to establish himself on the British and European music scene.

At first glance, it is difficult to understand why the British public knows so little about one of their own who is kicking up a fuss overseas. However, looking deeper into Binea, his persona, and the way he goes about his craft, it all makes sense.

Binea is about the music, he is about the expression and the art, not about the glitz, glamor or PR. Kwame Binea is old school. He puts all his energy into pleasing those who come out to see him live and not as much into the virtual fan base. He is about his true fans. However, even Binea understands that if he wishes to truly obtain the position his music and stature demands, he has to come out of his box a little. It was this revelation that led him to Stevie Eagle E, who is known for breaking and making unique artists globally. Therefore, Stevie Eagle E seemed the natural choice to help Kwame Binea make the noise he wants to make in the U.K. and Europe specifically.

This is what Stevie Eagle E had to say about Binea working with Shlepp Entertainment:

Kwame Binea is a no-brainer, this guy is what we need right now. His music and his vibe strike a chord in me and others like me and breathes a breath of fresh air into the scene. Not taking anything away from the Trap and Pop and all that’s out there but where are the real artists these days? They are far and few between. Kwame is one of those real artists that I love working with and when the opportunity presented itself I jumped in head first. He is one of ours kicking up a fuss and it’s time we made the whole world know about him, especially the U.K. where he was born and raised.

Now it is time for Binea to release his first single in the U.K. The song is “Universal Love.” It was penned by the legendary Jimmy Cliff and produced by Vernon Ried, the man behind “Living Color” and so many other great hits.

This is the kind of song that speaks to anyone who loves music, passion art, and vibe, things that many believe are in short supply these days. It is passionate, and some would also say controversial, more because of the video than the song itself. This is a song that could truly help Binea make his mark in the U.K. The video features a lot of controversial people and moments in history, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, JFK, RFK, Nelson Mandela, and others.

Binea hopes to make a statement with his single and the video with his debut into the U.K. music scene. He is putting down a strong marker about what he stands for, what he is about, and what listeners can expect. The boy from London, now the talk of Harlem, is coming back home, musically at least, and in his music people can hear all the influences from Reggae to Rock, Soul and even some of his Ghanian African heritage.

Time will only tell if Kwame Binea will succeed in conquering the U.K. music scene. He has already done more than most will ever do. He has already risen above the radar musically, which was confirmed several years ago by his fan base and articles written about him. So, if there is any justice and love for true artists, musicians, and star quality, in the old sense of the word, then he will succeed for sure in the U.K.

By Jeanette Smith

Images Courtesy of Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment – Used With Permission

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