Bobbi Kristina Hospitalized

Bobbi Kristina Hospitalized

Bobbi Kristina
Everyone wishes her safe and quick recovery. We all know that many celebrities have been rushed to hospital but this time it’s Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of a late music icon, Whitney Houston. She was said to have been rushed to the hospital by her husband, Nick Gordon, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is now is now fighting for her life after being placed in a medically induced coma.

It’s not yet certain what has caused this sudden collapse with her health. But information presently circulating online claims that she was in a ventilator under intensive care. No one knows if she was trying to take her own life, but it’s often said that when a person is forced onto ventilators it is to reduce the potential risk of swelling and inflammation of the membrane in their brain.

Some gossip columns are reporting that Bobbi Kristina could be suffering from a form of mental depression due to the recent collapse of her marriage. Others speculated that she was insulted on social media for not following in her mother’s career. They abused her for not living up to the legacy her mother left behind.

It was surprising to see two men carrying out CPR to keep her breathing before either the paramedics or police officers arrived. Life they say, is very short. Sometimes bad things happen when a person is depressed. Reportedly, in Bobbi Kristina’s case, death appears to be more likely than not.

One wonders how long she has been suffering before her body refused to continue to function. According to one report a hospital worker said she had “lost oxygen to her brain for too long.” The question on most people’s mind is where was she and her husband when all this drama started.

Now sources close to the Houston family confirmed that she has “significantly diminished.” Doctors have advised Bobbi Kristina’s family that the her low brain function was a serious concern.

Fans on Facebook and Twitter have continued to pray for her. Many are afraid that her condition might lead to the same end that took her mom. Her mother was found dead almost three years ago when she accidentally drowned in a bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.

It was reported that her father, Bobby Brown wanted to deal with the issue in a family way.

Unfortunately, it was the last post she wrote to over 157,000 followers before being rushed to hospital two days later. She regretted that throughout her childhood she battled drug addiction as a result of her family problems.

The family’s former chauffeur, Al Bowman, stated that he watched Bobbi Kristina’s mother openly smoke crack cocaine in front of their daughter as she grew up. So, it wasn’t difficult for her to start the habit.

Truly, what goes around must surely come around. If not on you, on your children. But we also believe in the notion that what killed one’s mother should not kill her child. That is why we want every person to pray for the Houston family.

Written by Anietie Cosmas


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