Bachelorette: Season 10 Episode 6 Review [Video]

Bachelorette: Season 10 Episode 6 Review [Video]

This week on ABC’s Bachelorette Season 10 ep. 6, Andi Dorfman and her eight remaining escorts head out to the city of love, Venice, Italy, to drink the best wine, dress in designer clothes, sail on multi-million dollar yachts, stay in five star hotels, and live the ultimate fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to travel and date on someone else’s dollar?

Last week Nick let his arrogant self shine through, while managing to create a rift between him and some of his fellow roommates, when everybody expected Cody to get the first one-on-one date. This week he was the only bachelor left who did not have alone time with Andi.

This week’s episode of the Bachelorette Season 10 ep. 6, starts out with Nick getting his second one-on-one date. The couple toured the city of love in a gondola, snuggled up with smiles and little kisses and Andi is once again under his spell. Finally, as people around the world watched the fun-loving Cody, an all around man’s man, as he read a love letter he had written for Andi who just was not feeling that connection. Andi sent him home and it was heartbreaking to watch.

Next is Josh, who some believe to also be a frontrunner. He is the sports jock, but does not want to be seen or judged on being an athlete. On the group date, a surprise awaited the men. A lie detector test. Josh could not accept expressing that trust should be there until such time that it is broken. Josh, this is where the word “reality” should apply. Andi and Josh went on to have a very heated conversation about it, which in turn leaves Andi more confused about their relationship.

Chris finally revealed to the bachelorette and the world that he was her secret admirer all along. Ah, that is so romantic Chris. He ended up getting the rose on the group date. At the cocktail party JJ is sent home. He is the one they kept calling the Pantsapreneur. JJ got mad at everyone for congratulating Chris on getting the rose and look how that turned out.

With one-on-one conversations, Chris asked Andi if she is falling in love. Andi was trying her hardest not to smile, so it was obvious that she is falling, and not for just one guy. At that point Andi could not hold in her smile any longer, exposing her secret to Chris.

So stay tuned for next week’s Bachelotte S10 episode 7 recap of group dates and one-on-one as we watch love unfold for Andi and Mr. Right. Which of the six remaining bachelors makes it to the hometown dates? What are Bachelorette fans thinking?

By Sandra Pridge


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  1. alan Milner  June 28, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Venice stinks. Literally. The whole city is built on an open sewer. They spend more money on room deodorants in Venice than they spend on wine and condoms combined. Who the hell came up with the idea the Venice is the city of love? I don’t know about you but, when I am trying to get over I don’t want to drown while I am doing it. The only good thing about Venice is when they shot James Bond films there.

  2. alan Milner  June 28, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    And, by the way, seriously, does anyone regard this woman as America’s sweetheart. Guaranteed she will have jowels by the time she’s forty.


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