Bernie Sanders Has a Kansas and Nebraska Victory for Super Saturday

Bernie Sanders Has a Kansas and Nebraska Victory for Super Saturday

Senator Bernie Sanders was victorious on March 5, 2016, he won the Kansas Democratic caucus, which had a massive turnout. Sanders won 68 percent of the vote, and opponent Hillary Clinton had 32 percent in the Kansas caucus. ABC News reports that Sanders has done very well among caucus voters, he also improved his odds by unveiling a new ad, entirely in Spanish. When Sanders heard that he was victorious in Kansas, he was optimistic when discussing his battle for 109 delegates; 51 of those delegates are from Louisiana. Shortly after the Super Saturday Kansas victory was declared for the Vermont senator, he won Nebraska. His supporters outnumbered Clinton’s two to one in Nebraska, which guaranteed him another victory.

Sanders had 54 percent and Clinton managed to get 45.4 percent of the Nebraska vote, which guaranteed a second victory for the Vermont Senator’s campaign on Super Saturday. The Nebraska Democratic Chairman announced that the voter turnout was extremely high that year, despite the fact that more absentee voters had been accounted for than usual. WOWT 6 News confirmed that hundreds of Clinton absentee ballots had been filed, yet they were outnumbered by Sanders in-person voters.

Sanders said that previously to  “We have won double-digit victories in Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Hampshire, and Vermont.” He had been hoping for Kansas and Nebraska as well. He says that shows that people are tired of establishment politics and economics. Hillary Clinton has been projected to win the only primary of the night, Louisiana. Despite Sanders winning 2 state caucuses to Clinton’s one state of Louisiana, Clinton gains more delegates.

By Juanita Lewis
Edited by Cathy Milne


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