Weddings: Before Saying ‘I Do’ Make Sure All Goes Well

Weddings: Before Saying ‘I Do’ Make Sure All Goes Well


Weddings are becoming one of the most celebrated events of the year, so before saying the “I Do’s” make sure all goes well. The celebration of two people joining their lives together is a very special occasion, and both parties get very involved in creating a spectacular wedding day. Long ago, weddings were primarily held so that family members and friends could witness the dedication vows.  Today, wedding events have far more creativeness and much less formalities, although every wedding must still conduct the sacred vows of commitment to be official.

Choosing the right location will help to ensure the guests are happy and excited.  No one wants to feel like they are stuck in an environment that does not suit their tastes.  So while it may be a bit tedious, try making sure that all the people on the guest list are over 21 before booking a venue that will serve alcohol.  If the event will take place outside, guests should be made aware of this well in advance of the actual wedding day.

People who plan to have large weddings usually do not take any short-cuts in spending.  When it comes to finding the place for the event, what matters most to them is whether the location best suits the expected guest attendance.  Big spenders are known as reserving extravagant banquet halls and fancy reception rooms to lavish their guests.

The key is to make sure that before saying the “I Dos” all goes well. Entertainment is another big issue when it comes to planning great weddings. More than likely the guests in attendance are not in the same age group. If the generation gap of the guests is unevenly spread out, this could create some negative effects if the appropriate music is not selected.  Many weddings have gone awry in the past because of the wrong music selection, which was probably chosen by the bride and groom, but unappealing and distasteful to the guests.  Solve this issue by choosing a wide variety of songs from different decades and categories, or create a theme that announces the type of music which is going to play at the wedding.

When it comes to planning weddings, do not be afraid to let your creative energies flow. Everyone knows that weddings are a very special occasion that should only happen once in a lifetime, and they should be creative, and even extravagant, if possible. It is that one special moment in time that will be cherished and remembered for long years ahead. Find ways to capture the best moments of that special day. Videotape the entire event and share with your guests, or hire a photographer to take their pictures right there on the spot.

Weddings usually are planned several months in advance, but as the day is coming closer, and closer, many of the guests will have already preselected their wardrobe for the day’s events. The bride and the bridegroom will become more anxious as they continue their wedding preparations.  Hopefully, they have made all the best choices to ensure their guests are comfortable during the nuptials proceedings.  If the wedding is planned for summer, make sure in advance that the weather reports are favorable. If there is rain in the forecast, be prepared to make accommodations for your guests.  There are some advantages to marrying a loved one in the summer, however if the wedding is conducted inside of a structure, make sure the AC levels are cool enough to keep the guests happy.

Weddings can be a very emotional experience for the bride and the bridegroom. Some people simply prefer to say their vows with a very small audience present.  Yet, it is possible some people would only rather have a quiet and conservative union to avoid the common problems that may arise during the wedding procession.  All couples want to be sure that all goes well before saying their “I Dos.”  Follow these tips prior to commencing the delivery of vows to a loved one, then look in the midst of the room and see it filled with delighted family members and guests.

Opinion by Kimakra Nealy


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