The New Highlight of Coral Springs Night Life

The New Highlight of Coral Springs Night Life

Coral Springs
Fort Lauderdale and Miami have long held the torch for the club scene in Florida. Citizens of Coral Springs and Margate found themselves driving up and down 95 to get to and fro their favorite clubs, because there simply aren’t any in their local area. That is there weren’t any in their local area. On 29th of November, R.O.C. Restro-Lounge opened their doors to the public providing Coral Springs residents with an area to celebrate night life.

The store sports an Art-Deco vibe with its bright pink and blue lights. On their opening night R.O.C. entertained their guests with two live D.J.’s and an aerial dancer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the art of an aerialist, an aerialist performs tricks for the audience performing dance moves while wrapped in elegant ribbons that keep the performer suspended from the ceiling. The club features bottle service along with myriad other drinking options. Surprisingly, the club has even obtained a permit from the local authorities to keep their doors open till three in the morning, a feat not many other establishments have managed to pull off in Coral Springs.

If the club scene isn’t quite your cup of tea, during the day the club transitions to a restaurant fit for family and friends, serving both common grilled foods like hamburgers and sandwiches, to high-end feasts like steak fillets and lobster. There are plenty of options ranging from modestly affordable to something close to breaking the bank.

If you’re still not impressed there’s a lot more to this establishment than meets the eye. Connected to their bar and restaurant their “Strut” section. “Strut” is home to the clothing options that brought the name R.O.C. to America’s attention when their first retail establishments were opened in New York and California. The store is full of the style that most young residents strive for today, a designer look. The floors and walls of their retail department are just as colorful as the club, and are open just as late as the club as well. Don’t let the rich and entertaining environment fool you though, the store is full of affordable clothing ranging anywhere from the ten’s and twenty’s to upwards of two hundred dollars for a single piece of clothing. There’s something to be found for anyone looking to add a new flair to their wardrobe.

If having a restaurant built into your clothing store wasn’t enough, the people at R.O.C. decided to take their design even further introducing their “Recharge” department. When the word “recharge” enters the mind, thoughts of electronics start popping up in all of our minds, and there is a bit of that involved actually. The “Recharge” section sports a lounge area for those looking to work on their laptops with outlets and USB ports built into each table in the department. There’s more to the “recharge” name then just charging tables, you can recharge your own batteries as well, as the department has a fully equipped café’ serving coffees, espresso, teas, and even bubble teas! For those unfamiliar, bubble teas are a sweet tea that have an almost milkshake-like taste and are filled with small tapioca balls to give the drink an even sweeter taste.

If you live in the Coral Springs area, R.O.C. Restro-Lounge is definitely an attraction to check out. Its bold and ambitious design have a lot to offer our small town, and while it’s still unsure if the establishment will take off and soar in popularity, we do have high hopes for Coral Spring’s new entertainment spot.

Blog By Michael Garrett Ashby

Image courtesy of Derek RaughFlickr License

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