Smash Bros Hit Wii U [Review]

Smash Bros Hit Wii U [Review]

Smash Bros
Long have I waited for the day I could play smash bros on the Wii U. The day has come, and Super Smash Bros for Wii U graced me with one of the best games I’ve played, ever. It combines the competitive feel of Melee, and the casual fun of Brawl into an amazing experience. I’ve already talked about the 3DS version, however, the 3DS game feels like a demo compared to the real deal Smash Bros 4. The modes on the Wii U version have expanded and multiplied, online is less laggy (it’s a word), the gamepad offers better controls (recovery as Ness has improved 5000 percent) and the HD makes me cry in awe.

First off, the roster is amazing, and Mewtwo (one word) is on the way to make it even better. From additions like Little Mac good for players of all levels, to Shulk who is truly for the pros, the roster feels full. In the Wii U version, tons more characters are unlocked from the beginning, so you can use fan favorites without lifting a finger, (thank you for Ness from the beginning Nintendo). Not all characters are, however, so you still get that feel of joy when you see a challenger approaching. Seeing characters like Snake, Lucas, and Ice Climbers who didn’t return from brawl is sad, but the ton of new life pumped into the game with the outstanding roster makes up for it.

The modes in the Wii U version outnumber the 3DS version. Even returning modes are improved. The modes from the 3DS version like target blast and home run contest have been given 2 players. The target blast has been given 2 additional stages, and the bomb has been changed, changing the strategy of play. Classic mode has been completely redesigned, now moving you up by how well you’re doing, adding a rival, and changing how you go into battle. The new classic mode feels better, it offers even more freedom on how you play. All star mode reversed the order you fight the characters. Event mode from melee has returned, letting you play specific themed challenges. Event mode can be fun, but also stressful at times, as some of the challenges are quite hard.
Smash Run has been replaced with Smash Tour, a board game. While Smash Tour is fun, new and different, I cant help but say I wish a larger version of Smash Run was in this version instead.

Stage creator is back, better than ever with gamepad optimized use. Building stages in Smash U feels tons more fun than it was in Brawl. They also added the ability to take photos of the trophies in a mode of its own, which is extremely fun for those who enjoy the photo taking aspect of smash. It also adds a reason to collect all the trophies you can. And lastly, they added special smash and 8 player smash sub modes to the regular smash mode. Special smash allows you to add chaotic aspects to your regular matches, and can be quite fun with the crazy options. 8 player smash is exactly what you think it is, 8 players in one fight at the same time! This adds ridiculous chaos beyond the norm, and lots of “where is my character again?” Eight-player Smash is extremely fun and makes Smash U the ultimate party game.

Overall, Smash Bros for Wii U the best game on the system: possibly of all the next gen console games made so far. Its fun alone, and fun with friends, there’s no end to what you can do with this game. Smash Bros for Wii U gets a 10 out of 10, it is sheer perfection.

Review By Reuben Malone

Image courtesy of Stephen CannonFlickr License

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