Enjoying Vegas With Kids

Enjoying Vegas With Kids

Las Vegas is a good option when Disneyland gets old and you want to try something you and the kids can enjoy together. The first thing you will need to keep in mind is that you will not be able to do and see some of the adult venues with the kids, but you can still have fun.

Keep in mind the age and tolerance level of your child when choosing where you go and Vegas can be a fun place for both you and your child. These suggestions will come in handy to help you make Vegas a fun and memorable family vacation!

Where to Stay:

It’s always best to choose a hotel right on the strip. If you book a room off the strip you will have to pay for taxi service to get you back to the room in case the kids (or you) need to rest. This is important to remember especially during the hot summer months in Vegas!

There are many affordable choices on the strip. Book early and you will get the best room at the lowest price, especially if you book a room for a midweek stay. Some popular choices for families are Circus Circus Hotel and Treasure Island Hotel. They are affordable and provide free or cheap entertainment for the kids.

Where to Eat:

It’s best to pick your kid’s usual favorites. Children can become easily agitated and overwhelmed if you try to introduce too many new things at one time. Denny’s on the strip is a good choice as there are many choices for different diet preferences on the menu. Also, Las Vegas is famous for their food, so do not forget the buffets. These are better than fast food and cheaper than one of the fancy restaurants on the strip. Save fancy dinners for a special night for adults only–that is if you are lucky enough to have a babysitter along!

Where to Play:

There are many places for kids and grownups to play together. Some of my personal favorites include:

• Circus Circus Adventure Dome: Get a pass and enjoy all the rides for kids of all ages
• Circus Circus Hotel: Free circus acts and fun game room for kids of all ages
• Caesar’s Palace: Fall of Atlantis is a free light and animatronics show. Shows every half hour
• Cirque du Soleil: Pricey but worth every cent
• Paris Hotel: Take a ride up the Eiffel Tower replica to get an awesome view of Vegas
• Treasure Island Hotel: Fun simulated coaster rides and game room for little and big kids

Daycare Options:

Some casinos provide daycare for hotel guests and local residents visiting their casino. Contact the casino you will be vacationing at. The fees typically run about $8 to 10 per hour. They provide different options for play for children. Immunizations records are required to drop off your children.

As you can see, a little legwork before you come out to Vegas can help you save time and money. These suggestions will come in handy to help you make Vegas a fun and memorable family vacation!

Blog By Sabrina S. Siracusa

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