Breast Cancer: General Overview and Treatment Options

Breast Cancer: General Overview and Treatment Options

Breast cancer is a very common medical condition which is affecting many women from many different parts of the world. There are still many people from different parts of the world who are still unaware as to what breast cancer is and how it can be prevented. There is no specific age group for people who are being affected by breast cancer. It is very necessary for people to stay educated and informed regarding breast cancer so that they can detect the early symptoms of breast cancer and also get the right kind of treatment on time. This will also help in saving the person from physical and emotional trauma.

The malignant or cancerous cells will make their presence felt on the inner lining of the ducts in the breasts. Ductal breast cancer is another term which can be used in order to describe this condition. There are many instances when the presence of these cancerous cells can also be felt inside the lobules of the breast. This condition is very commonly known as lobular breast cancer. But breast cancer is also likely to occur in some of the other tissues of the breast.

There are many factors which can put a person within the category of the risk of developing breast cancer. Women stand an extremely high risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. There are many women who would have started getting their menstrual periods before they were 12-years-old. This is one of the factors which can increase their chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer. There are many cases where breast cancer is a condition which runs in the family. Mothers, sisters and daughters are the usual carriers of breast cancer in the family. Even one person being diagnosed with breast cancer in the family can put the other people at risk.

Women who consume more than two glasses of alcohol in a day are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer. All women should take care that their diet does not contain a large amount of fat since this makes them highly susceptible to developing breast cancer. A diet which contains a large amount of saturated fat is more likely to give way for a breast cancer diagnosis. Any kind of fat which contains too much of saturated fat or poly unsaturated fat should be completely avoided at all costs. Women who conceive after the age of 26 also stand a very high risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. At the same time, women who have never been able to conceive also stand a high risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast cancer can be treated in many different ways. But the process of treatment is much easier and less painful when it has been detected in the early stages. Every person who has been diagnosed with breast cancer will have to first go through a clinical trial where sometimes new forms and methods of treating breast cancer have been developed. Some common methods of treating breast cancer include total and/or partial mastectomy, lumpectomy, modified radical mastectomy, and radical mastectomy.

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