Adoption Adds to Migration

Adoption Adds to Migration

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Adoption adds to migration as can be demonstrated in the Asian culture. Asians are best known for their rich traditional and cultural heritage. They have been practicing these unique customs for centuries. Generations have been submissively following and guarding this eminent legacy. They display very strong morals and slot in customary essence in all that they do, so that their offspring learn and inculcate the similar regime in their lives to come.

Their cultural and traditional values are a great asset to their entire fraternity. Hence, they expect it to be passed on to their forth coming generations as a pious gift and valuable treasure that has been kept with delicacy, affection, and warmth. It is an emotional and sentimental connection that binds them together. Many rituals practiced make eyes teary and hearts softer; several times they sink in with the traditional flow. Their festivities, catching up sessions, weddings, etc. all display a solid conventional enriching tinge.

As adoption adds to migration, many Asians migrate to the west for higher education, financial stability, and better future prospects. They carry a baggage of their customs and culture along with them as it has been rooted into them since they were very young. Here they witness the lifestyle which is modern but simple. Less time consuming, more efficient, and practical. Although they adopt a lot of things which they previously could never think of doing when they were in their origin country, they come in terms with them being a part and parcel of their newly opted life.

Doing household chores is a big issue in the East, as maids are hired for this purpose. Whereas in the West, most people prefer doing it on their own. This is an incredible form of teaching to eradicate racism and classify people on the basis of their jobs. The West teaches them that every single person from a cop to bartender, from a teacher to delivery boy needs to be respected. All have equal rights as citizens of the respective country and they hold equal authority to exercise them as and when required.

Asians enjoy wearing Western outfits and cast aside their sarees which are comparatively difficult to clad in. Instead, they love slipping in body-fitted skirts and jeans with light sleeveless uppers, as well as spaghetti stripped tops. They also get a lot of variety to experiment with and can adopt many styles falling in the category from semi modern to ultra modern, etc.

Cuisine is one of the major elements that most people relish, as Western cuisine is mostly oil free, quick, and tastes amazing. Therefore, it is easily liked by all. Asian cuisine involves a lot of deep frying and lengthy methods to cook. Therefore, they find salads, fruits cocktails, smoothies, etc. healthy, easy, and less time consuming options, so they easily adapt to them and enjoy the splendid variation in cuisine.

Every migrator has to adopt the alien culture to a certain level. However, most people keep a balance in their lives and pursue a beautiful cultural mix, which helps them to preserve their rich heritage in combination with some recent adopted Western ethnic requirements of their new destination. This fosters their personal and professional life, helps them mingle with people from dissimilar beliefs, and provides them opportunities to grow and learn from. As demonstrated in the Asian culture, adoption adds to migration on many different levels.

By Haleema Khan

National Geographic
Tico Times

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