Must See TV Shows of 2015

Must See TV Shows of 2015

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The year 2015 is officially here and with it comes some awesome opportunities to get engrossed in some of the must see TV shows set to hit the tube this spring. The following countdown will provide a list of 10 must see shows, in no particular order.

Galavant – ABC’s musical comedy stars Joshua Sasse as Galavant, the handsome heroic knight determined to reunite with his lost love, Madalena who was stolen from him by the evil King Richard. The series looks to focus on Galavant’s quest for revenge and love, promising many moments of folly and “happily ever after” for must see TV.

Agent Carter – Just debuted on January 6th, this suspenseful ABC action series features Hayley Atwell as agent Peggy Carter, after her cinematic separation from Steve Rogers aka Captain America and her supposed adjustment to “civilian life.” Agent Carter soon finds herself brought in to a world of deeper espionage as she’s recruited by Howard Stark to facilitate secret missions on his behalf and the action ensues.

Togetherness – This HBO dramedy follows the lives of two couples living together as they navigate the wilderness of their mid thirties with no one ending up as they thought they would. Must see TV comedic bright spot Mark Duplass of The League fame and drama vet Amanda Peet make for great additions to this gritty but humorous take on aging, pursuing dreams and all the clutter in between.

Backstrom – Rainn Wilson, better known as Dwight Shrute from The Office, anchors this slightly comedic crime procedural centering on Detective Lieutenant Everett Backstrom as he attempts to work his way through grisly and daunting murder cases without offending everyone in his path or drinking himself into the grave. This show brims with the promise of extremely witty banter and dashes of comedic genius, a perfect cocktail of a role for Wilson to masterfully carry out.

Better Call Saul – Billed as the prequel to AMC’s earth-shattering Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul stars Bob Odenkirk as everyone’s favorite criminal lawyer, determined to slime his way to the top. Fans of Breaking Bad or good television in general should tune in for the must see TV premiere on February 8 to see Saul’s misadventures in detail.

Empire – Fox enlists the help of powerhouse actors Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson to headline this gritty drama focusing on a family’s wildly successful musical dynasty. When the vivacious and cunning Cookie, (Henson) is reunited with her estranged family after a lengthy prison stay, ex-husband and self-proclaimed “founder” of the record company Lucious (Howard) attempts to retain control of his legacy, ensuring a battle in which both show very early on that they are willing to do whatever it takes to win, already playing on Fox as of January 15.

The Last Man on Earth – This Fox comedy premieres March 1 and stars Will Forte as Phil Miller, literally the last man on earth. In this comedy, Miller is assigned the default task of searching for fellow survivors and more importantly a willing female companion. The comedic possibilities of this must see TV show are boundless.

Battle Creek – Another March 1 debut that joins Russ Agnew (Dean Winters) and Milton Chamberlain (Josh Duhamel) together as an odd couple detective unit working the mean streets of the Battle Creek, Michigan crimes unit with Agnew the rough and tumble street detective and Chamberlain the pretty boy fresh from the bureau, bumping heads and solving cases.

How to Get Away With Murder – Viola Davis headlines as brilliant defense law professor Analisse Keating, who’s students get much more than they expected when they end up having to apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world murder plot that entangles them all. This mid-season, must see TV renewal coming back February 26 deserves a spot on the list for the sheer magnitude of its production values, high drama and brilliant writing.

House of Cards – Last but not least comes the smash Netflix sensation starring Kevin Spacey as ruthless congressman Francis Underwood, constantly one-upping his shamelessness in achieving his ultimate goal of absolute power. This show renews on February 27 and is among the list 2015 must see TV lineup.

Opinion By Cameron Woods

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