“Girl Meets World” Brings In 5.2 Million Viewers

“Girl Meets World” Brings In 5.2 Million Viewers

Girl Meets WorldSeries Premiere of “Girl Meets World” Brings In 5.2 Million Viewers
Disney’s Channel, “Girl Meets World,” which is a spin-off of the 90’s sitcom, “Boy Meets World,” aired Friday with 502 million viewers tuning in.

The sitcom stars original cast members Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel as Cory and Topanga, whom are now parents. The show is centered on their oldest child, 12-year-old daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard); Cory is also Riley’s history teacher.

In an appearance and interview on Good Morning America with some of the cast members of the show, Savage assures viewers that “Girl Meets World” will have the same “tone and tenor,” or feel as the 90’s classic. He does not want 90’s viewers to have worries about the show and that it will not disappoint. However, the sitcom is created so new generation viewers will find it enjoyable. The creator of both series, Michael Jacobs, states, “I don’t want the new show to be compared in its pilot episode to an entire series. The worst nightmare I have is that we’ve gotten all of this wonderful press and everyone is disappointed. I want the old audience to know if you stick with us, you will be extremely well rewarded with the growth of these characters.” While the audience may appreciate the long way Cory and Topanga have come, the sitcom is about their daughter, so they should be interested in getting to know her character and watch her grow too.

“Boy Meets World” aired from 1993-2000 and had 7 seasons. At its highest peak the show reached 17.5 million viewers, and was a Friday night must-see for many teens. The series was about teenager Cory Matthews and the issues he faced in school, with family, friends, and how he learned to resolve those issues. By the series finale, Cory and his longtime sweetheart, Topanga, are married college graduates who decided to move from Philadelphia and begin their lives in New York. In the spin-off, this is where they now reside with Riley and younger son, Auggie (August Maturo).

Viewers remember all of the antics and situations Corey went through, but in “Girl Meets World” he is a mature parent who has to mentor his daughter through her challenges, similar to his teacher and mentor, Mr. Feeny. On the pilot episode, Cory and Topanga assure Riley that they will always be there for her. In the end, Cory sees a vision of Fenny saying to him, “Well done Mr. Matthews,” after Riley proves to her parents that she is responsible enough to get a subway pass. Riley faces challenges, has to learn lessons from them, and has to meet her world. Her best friend and rebel, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), is along with her, which also helps Riley discover herself and life.

William Daniels (Mr. Feeny) and Rider Strong (Shawn) will make guest appearances this season, but Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are the only stable characters from “Boy Meets World.” Jacobs states, “If either Ben or Danielle had turned it down, I believe we would not have gone forward. The great thing about ‘Boy Meets World’ is Cory and Topanga are one. And I think having one without the other, there is no series.”

By Ashante’ Coty

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