Bachelorette: Season 10 ep. 9 Review

Bachelorette: Season 10 ep. 9 Review


This episode of the Bachelorette: Season 10 ep. 9 Review opens with a beautiful view of a beach in the Dominican Republic. Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, is getting ready for her first one-on-one date with bachelor, Nick Viall. Andi and Nick greet each other with hugs, laughter, and kisses, as Nick takes his very first helicopter ride, out to their own private beach.

As bachelorette Andi, questions Nick on his real feelings about Nick’s last relationship, if he can see their future with marriage and children. Nick assured Andi that he definitely wants marriage and a family, however Nick can still not say those three little words, “I love you.”

Later that evening, with the stars above and waves crashing around them in their perfect romantic setting for a dinner for two, Nick would go on to tell Andi that he is very serious about her and he also has a surprise for her. Nick then brings out a story book he has written for Andi. The story is all about their courtship and how
prince Nick has fallen in love with princess Andi. She is so impressed with Nick’s romantic side, she hands Nick the invitation to the fantasy suite who then gives a long-winded rambling speech that eventually ends in acceptance.

The next one-on-one date is with bachelor, Josh Murray, in the beautiful town of Santo Domingo. Andi and Josh explore the streets and cultures of Santo Domingo, strolling hand-in-hand laughing, talking, and even joining in the dancing festivities. Looking at the expressions of joy on their faces, fans can already tell that Josh and Andi are in love. After many hugs and kisses, Andi takes Josh to a game of baseball with the local children where they both have a blast and so do the children.

Later that evening at the Coso De campo Resort, bachelorette Andi questions Josh if he is really serious about marriage and children. Josh replies that he is definitely serious about being in love with Andi and has never said these words to anyone else that he “does want marriage and lots of children.”

Dinner turns into kissing, hugging, and whispers. It is quite obvious to all fans of the show that Andi is falling deeply in love with Josh. Andi then hands the invitation to the fantasy suite to Josh, who would tell her that he cannot wait to get Andi away from all the cameras so they can have some privacy.

The third and final one-on-one date covered in this week’s review of the Bachelorette Seaon 10 episode 9, is with bachelor Chris Soules, in the Racho Peligro countryside. Andi and Chris start their date going for a horseback ride. Andi is very nervous around horses, so Chris helps alleviate her fears. Andi and Chris end up out in the middle of the beautiful countryside for a picnic, where he asks her what she thought of their hometown date in Iowa. Andi explains to Chris that is was the best of all the hometown dates with his family being so open and it made her feel so welcomed. Andi also talked about his mom and how she took the time to explain to her how she made her transition from city to farm girl, an issue that was on Andi’s mind during the hometown date.

That night at Paradisus Ponta Cana Resort, Andi and Chris sat down to dinner. Chris expressed his love for Andi, and said that he would not change anything about her as she is the type of strong independent woman he has always wanted for his wife.

It is at this point the Andi reveals to Chris, that Andi feelings and emotions are just not as strong as Nicks. Andi breaks down in tears, Andi then goes on to telling Chris that she wants to be honest and has too much respect for him. In a shocking turn of events, Andi says “goodbye” to Chris, who is stunned and never expected this to happen. Chris goes on to tell Andi that he appreciates her honesty and to not feel guilty. Chris was a true gentleman through-and-through, a real class act. Goodbye Chris Soules!, you were one in a million. Maybe Chris’ fans will get to see more of him in the future.

The Rose Ceremony was held on the beach where host of the show Chris Harrison greeted both Josh Murray and Nick Viall. As they are waiting for bachelorette Andi Dorfman to arrive, Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison explains that Chris Soules has already left the show but leaving the full explanation up to Andi. Andi explains to both remaining bachelors, Nick V and Josh M, why she sent bachelor, Chris Soules home before the fantasy suite, seeing no real future with him. Andi then goes on to say that both Nick and Josh also have a say in their futures as well as hers, and if there is any reservations at all, now is the time to step forward.

Both Josh Murray and Nick Viall accept the rose from Andi with hugs and kisses telling the viewers that they both love Andi. Will Andi Dorfman choose Josh Murray? Or, will Andi choose Nick Viall? Both bachelors say they love Andi, but will either one actually propose? Maybe, just maybe, Andi will be left broken-hearted. Stay tuned for the very emotional finale in two weeks time, in the Bachelorette Season 10 Finale Review.

By Sandra Pridge

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