‘Bachelorette: Season 10 ep. 8’ Review Heartbreak on Hometown Dates

‘Bachelorette: Season 10 ep. 8’ Review Heartbreak on Hometown Dates


This week the Bachelorette: Season 10 ep. 8, opens with hometown dates with the only 4 bachelors left. Where first impressions will make or break everything. Bachelorette Andi Dorfman finally meets the parents of all 4 remaining bachelors, starting with a view of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the home of Nick Viall.

Bachelorette Andi meets up with Nick at the Milwaukee Market, one of Nick’s favorite places. After, Nick takes Andi on a stroll through the historical part of the city, to Lakefront Brewery, INC. He then takes Andi on a tour of the brewery, where they eventually end up at the pub. Nick would treat Andi to a beer on tap that was named after the two of them.

The date progresses to Nick asking Andi to a polka. Andi can not believe this is a real dance, laughing and realizing that she is seeing a different side to Nick, a more relaxed, fun, and outgoing man.

That evening, Nick takes Andi to meet his very large family, and Andi seemed a bit overwhelmed. Mick then introduces his mother Mary, his father Chris, sister Carol, her fiance Paul, sister Maria, her boyfriend Josh, brother Jacob, his wife Karen, brother James, brother Luke, sister Theresa, sister Olivia, and his sister Bella. Bachelorette Andi looks like a deer caught in the headlights, while she tried to not freak out with Nick’s large family in front of her.

Nick then takes sister Maria for a private conversation about his feelings for Andi and confesses that he is madly in love with her although he has not yet spoken those words to Andi. Maria then voices her concern that this is all moving very fast for Nick, as he has often taken his time with relationships in the past.

For all the viewers watching, it is obviously at this point that Nick will not make his declaration of love for Andi without his family approving. Maria, then takes Andi for a little one-on-one time, voicing her concern for Nick possibly getting his heart broken. Andi responds that she too might end up with a broken heart, but then went on to say that she has strong feelings for Nick.

Nick’s youngest sister Bella, informs Andi that she too has a list of questions, that she would like to ask her. Bella then goes on to ask Andi, if she could pick a handsome man who she just liked, or a not so handsome man she really liked, which one would she choose? Andi replied, the not so handsome man. Bella then asks her if she loves Nick, to which Andi replies that she really likes Nick and that they have a strong mental bond.

Later Nick asks Bella what questions she asked Andi, to which Bella replied that she can not remember them, but goes on to say that Andi said she loved him. Nick’s teary-eyed mother would later go on to give her blessing for Nick and Andi as her son professed his love for the bachelorette.

As Nick’s hometown visit comes to a close, Andi and Nick take a walk filled with lots of hugs and kisses where Nick would inform Andi that he does not want her to leave, still Nick can not say those three little words.

The next hometown date is with Chris Soules, in Arlington IA. Andi is so excited to see Chris, who then takes her on a tour of his own home. Andi is impressed that Chris not only owns his own home, but it is obvious to her that Chris takes a lot of pride in what he has worked so hard to accomplish. Andi then states to her viewers that Chris is a real man’s man.

Chris then takes Andi out to explore his land and to teach Andi how to drive one of his big machines. To Chris’s delight, Andi insists on sitting on his lap and they end up in the middle of his property having a picnic, where Andi voices her concern about being happy and questions her job prospects should Chris become her Mr. Right. Chris goes on to say that Andi could always be a homemaker or she could always find some kind of job in law enforcement in the bigger towns near by.

Bachelorette Andi then confides to Chris, though she lives in a big city, her parents grew up out in the sticks of Alabama and her father taught her how to hunt and fish so she is no cream puff. With sunny blue skies above, Chris asked Andi to look up at a plane is flying over head with a banner that read: “Chris loves Andi.” Andi tells him that this is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for her, and proceeds to reward him with a very sexy kiss, that leads to more kissing and hugging.

That evening, Chris takes Andi to meet the family and introduces his mom Linda, father Gary, sister Laurie, her husband Mike, his younger sister Jackie and her husband Jason. They all sat down to dinner where they talked about Chris’s childhood and funny incidents that happened to him and his whole family.

Andi and Chris’s 3 sisters talk with about his sensitivities growing up, while Chris and his mother Linda go outside for their own private conversation. They discuss his feelings for Andi and what he sees in his future. Linda then goes on to tell Chris how proud she is of him and how much she loves him and that she is behind him 100 percent.

Andi and Linda then go on to have a private one-on-one conversation, where Andi voices her concerns about living in a small rural area and her prospects for work. Linda then imparts her many years of wisdom about love, family. and hard work. Andi stated that she thinks Chris’ mom Linda is amazing and has a heart of gold.

As the night comes to an end Chris’s family played an adult game of hide-n-seek, where Andi finds Chris hiding behind some piece of machinery in the barn. Then Chris’ sisters and brother-in-law find Chris and Andi kissing and cuddling.

Andi closes this segment of the show telling her viewers this has been the most exhilarating, amazing, time of her life. Andi also stated that Chris’ family is amazing, unbelievable, and even more than she could ever have expected them to be. Andi goes on to say that she feels so much more for Chris then she ever realized before.

The third hometown date on Bachelorette: Season 10 ep. 8 Heartbreak on Hometown Dates is in Josh’s hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida, where Josh anxiously awaits bachelorette Andi, with big smiles, hugs, and kisses. The date starts with Josh taking Andi to a baseball park, so she can see him in his own environment.

As Josh is pitching the ball, Andi hits it and breaks the bat. Laughter, hugs and kisses follow. Andi and Josh then sit down to a serious conversation on how he sees their future. Andi realizes at this point, how tight  family dynamics are for Josh, which in turns, gives Andi pause. Through the whole conversation, all Josh talked about was his brother Aaron and his future. Josh hardly talked about Andi only that he was madly in love with her.

Bachelorette Andi and Josh arrive at his parents’ house, where they are welcomed with open arms. Josh introduces his mother Lauren, father Dennis, younger brother Aaron, and his sister Stephanie. At dinner all the talk centered around Josh’s brother Aaron and the upcoming draft, leaving poor Andi feeling overshadowed.

Josh’s mom Lauren takes bachelorette Andi, outside for a private conversation about her feelings for Josh. Andi asks her if she thinks Josh’s life will be taken up with his brother Aaron’s career, and spending their every Sunday going to Aaron’s games. Josh’s mom replies, that in fact that Josh does play a big role in Aaron’s life, as Aaron has always looked up to Josh for advice but she’s sure that her and Josh could come to some kind of compromise.

Josh’s sister Stephanie is brutally honest with Andi. Andi then realizes that life may not be about compromises, but fights where Josh is used to getting his own way. Andi appreciated Stephanie’s honesty.

The next conversation was with Josh’s brother Aaron, who tried to alleviate some of Andi’s fears. Aaron tells her that he does not believe their relationship will be all about himself. As the hometown visit comes to a close, Josh confides to Andi that he is head over heals in love with her, josh does not want her to leave.

The fourth and final hometown date is with Marcus in Dallas, TX. Marcus speaks to the viewers, revealing he was ready a week ago to go down on one knee and propose to Andi as he is head-over-heals in love with her.

After much kissing and hugging, Marcus takes Andi to a private club, where he sits her at a table. He then disappears only to come back dressed in his naval uniform, from their first Bachelorette group date. Marcus then proceeds to do a strip tease, which turns Andi on, and the end of the dance they cuddle, kiss, touch, and flirt. It was pretty obvious to all fans of the show that there is a strong attraction here. Andi goes on to tell her viewers that Marcus is one of the sexiest men she has ever dated, and she is all hot and bothered with him.

Leaving the club, they stroll through the streets to a little corner cafe, where both of them express their fears and anxieties about meeting Marcus’ family. Marcus would go on to tell Andi that he really loves her.

Marcus then takes Andi home to meet his mom Helena, sister Cathy, brother Conrad, niece Findley, and nephew Jake. Marcus’ sister Cathy takes Andi for a conversation right away. Cathy voices her valid concerns about Marcus wearing his heart on his sleeve. Cathy then asks Andi if she thinks he is too over-caring and if she is bothered by this? Andi replies that she sees this about Marcus, she is not concerned. Andi feels that Marcus is genuine about his feelings for her.

Marcus and his brother Conrad have their own conversation, where Marcus, with tears in his eyes, expresses his admiration, respect, and love, for stepping up at such a young age to take their father’s place when their father deserted them. Conrad and Marcus share a very touching, heart-rending moment hugging. Conrad goes on to tell him that the whole family is behind him and they only want to see him happy.

Marcus and his mother Helena have their own conversation, where his mom voices her own fears and anxieties about his feelings for Andi. Marcus assures his mother that Andi is the one and that he loves Andi with all his heart and soul. Marcus’ mother Helena starts to cry and tells him that she only wants him to be happy and she will stand behind his decisions.

As this hometown date draws to a close, Marcus and Andi are sitting on a porch swing when Marcus reveals to her that she makes him happy beyond words. Marcus goes on to say that Andi has inspired him beyond belief and he really and truly loves her and adores her. Marcus tells Andi he is ready to get down on one knee to propose to her.

In a shocking turn of events, Chris Harrison host of the Bachelorette invites the 4 remaining bachelors and Andi to his home in LA. Harrison would break the horrific news of one of their own, bachelor Eric Hill, passing away in a fatal hang-gliding accident. A moment of stunned silence befell the group as shock came over all in the room. Bacheloette Andi burst into tears sobbing uncontrollably, while disbelief was expressed from the 4 remaining bachelors. One of the bachelors, Marcus, had to get up and leave the room as this was all just too much for him to deal with. Andi would follow him out and they clung to each other crying.

As the crew and cast of the Bachelorette, tried to comfort each other through this devastating  news, bachelorette Andi summed it up by saying that the reality of Eric Hill passing was so much more important than the reality of the show itself.

As Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, welcomes bachelorette Andi to the rose ceremony, Harrison asks Andi how she is feeling as he looks into her eyes. Andi tries hard not to cry, but even as tears fall from her eyes, Andi tells him that she has to be strong, not just for herself, but for the 4 remaining bachelors. Harrison tells Andi that not only is it okay to feel confused, but she does not have to be strong for everyone else.

Andi spills her heart and soul to the 4 remaining bachelors thanking them for sticking with her through it all. As Bachelorette fans watched in shock, with tears and great heartache, Andi said goodbye to Marcus. Andi walks Marcus outside to tell him how sorry she was. Marcus tries not to break down, telling her that he wanted to be that guy for her.

Marcus would go on to say, “I don’t know what I’ll do from here on because you were everything to me. I saw a future with you, it is going to be so hard to let go.”

Andi tells Marcus, that she knows he loves her and would adore her, but she does not feel the same intensity that he does. Andi will probably regret this, but she must follow her heart. As the Bachelorette: Season 10 ep. 8 Heartbreak on Hometown Dates comes to a close, Marcus is leaving in the limo admitting to feeling like an idiot by still having a crush on Andi and still loving her so much.

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