Real Men: Do They Even Exist Anymore?

Real Men: Do They Even Exist Anymore?

Real Men

Many women keep asking each other if real men even exist anymore. Wondering, if among the sea of self-absorbed men, if Clark Gable types are still being produced in today’s fast paced society. Men who are addicted to the instant gratification that social media provides has women at water coolers everywhere asking if the days of gallantry is, indeed, over.

Maybe it is a matter of knowing where to look or simply taking out what is hindering men from focusing on what is truly important out of the equation. No matter where one lives or how immersed people are with work there is always one time and one place where all the right ingredients are combined to make for the perfect scenario to reignite the quickly dying “gentleman” breed. And where is this Goldilocks zone? Well that would be on vacation in a tropical zone where the beach is ones television, the ocean ones cellphone and the hot sun, ones laptop.

All-inclusive vacation spots give the traveler a definite insight into all the various types of people who have, miraculously, come together under the same resort. A gathering of sorts, that wouldn’t normally ever take place unless under these special circumstances.

Suddenly the elite of society are swimming alongside the hard-working class people. The elderly are dancing with the youth to songs of old and new. Families breaking bread with singles and a myriad of cultures and language begin to blend together beautifully like a like a delicious, fruity island punch.

Behavior seems to slacken as rules of what one would normally do back home don’t carry much weight when the sun, beach and ocean breeze collide. Parents who would normally have a hawk’s eye on their children now smile as strangers lend a helping hand and sometimes, even offering to watch the child crew on the beach. Giving mama and papa bear time to make a quick get-a-way back to the hotel room to retrieve whatever much-needed item that was forgotten in the bustle of getting the family down to the beach in the first place. It could even give the harried parents time for a nice dip in the turquoise waves without having to worry and actually having a moment with each other.

And all the while it is suddenly very easy to notice that real men still exist after all. That though the even idea of a “real gentleman” alive in the jungles of cosmopolitan cities is equated to the chances of encountering a dinosaur on the train, when on vacation at these all-inclusive resorts, the elusive and presumed extinct creature seems to be included in the deal as well. Sprouting up like the palm trees that line the beach, the living form of the definition of a real man is everywhere one looks.

You see it when a couple is walking on the serene white sand beach and the woman is walking beside the man who is holding her pink bag, and high heel shoes. When you see a couple and the man is pushing the stroller, holding another child’s hand and reaching into his wallet to buy the woman something that caught the man’s eye, he thinks his wife is going to love. All the while she is standing nearby; enjoying the well-deserved break from constantly being “on” and the one is attentive to the couple’s offspring.

It is apparent that real men are certainly still in existence and maybe not on the extinction list anymore. When you see how a man would hold his partner’s hand and take them to the dance floor in order to make sure she doesn’t fall, after one too many drinks were taking, yet insisting on dancing all the same. Then holding her so close while dancing that a glow is noticed by everyone around to see, just how loved she feels. The crowd can also see just how much love he has to give. When one sees a man who obviously wants to partake in the joyous, night festivities but instead just smiles and gives the approving nod to his partner that he will take the kids back to the room allowing her to go and have that much-needed girls night out. You see it when he holds her hand while climbing stairs, pulling her chair out while she sits.

So the next time you hear the whispers, questions and concerns about if real men still exist anymore, remember that maybe they just need to be reminded of who and what the man’s role is. Reminded of why they fell in love in the first place. Spread the word that there are places on earth where real men not only exist, but flourish while surrounded by new surroundings and where stress dissolves into the salty, warm breeze off the ocean.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


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