Bachelorette: Season 10 Ep. 7 Andi Dorfman Breaks Hearts in Belgium

Bachelorette: Season 10 Ep. 7 Andi Dorfman Breaks Hearts in Belgium


The Season 10 Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, continues to break hearts this week in Belgium. The show opened with Andi walking through the streets of Brussels, a very unique city combining the historic with the new including multiple diverse languages: French, English, Finnish, Flemish and Dutch.

Andi talks about her feeling the pressure and insecurities from the 6 remaining bachelors as hometown visits are coming up. Andi then goes on to say how serious Andi is about, “meeting prospective in-laws.”

Host of the Bachelorette, Chris Harrison, welcomes the bachelors to Brussels, then proceeds to hand the first date card to one of the 6 remaining bachelors, Nick, to read. The first one-on-one date is with bachelor Marcus, while the other five contestants groan as they realize it is not one of them.

The date card reads like this:

Marcus lets get a taste of Brussels. picture of a heart – Andi

BacheloretteMarcus goes on to say he is so elated to get the first date, then goes on to express his fears. Some of the viewers will remember, Marcus told Andi he was “thinking” about leaving the show. Marcus wants Andi to meet his friends and family.

The date starts out with Andi and Marcus walking through the streets of Brussels, visiting different little chocolate stores and hand-feeding each other famous Belgian chocolate. Andi then admits to her viewers that Andi had strong feelings for Marcus from very early on in the show.

Andi then takes Marcus to a little outdoor belgian restaurant, where they proceed to drink wine and and eat their very famous dish of mussels. Andi proceeds to tell Marcus how shocked she was at his revelation last week, that he was thinking about leaving the show. Marcus then alleviates Andi’s fears by telling her that he felt fear too, when he realized he was falling in love with her. Marcus then goes on to say that he has never fallen for any women this fast before, which in turn scared him, and reassures Andi that it is full throttle all the way.

Andi thought that Marcus was just so romantic. Marcus goes on to say, that this is the first time where he actually feels like Andi is his girlfriend and that he can feel her love for him. Oh Marcus, there are still 5 other bachelors.

Andi and Marcus then meet up for dinner at The Academy Palace in Brussels. Andi questions Marcus about his family. He goes on to tell her that life has not been easy for his mom, his sister, and himself, since his father left, as he blamed Marcus and his mother for it. Marcus then goes on to say that his mother was very strict in his upbringing, which put enormous stress on their personal relationship. This was especially prevalent in his late teens and early twenties, to the point where they were not speaking to each other. Until one night Marcus’ mom broke down, and cried for a very long time. Marcus was able to forgive her and reach out to his mom that night. Now they have a much more respectful and tolerant relationship.

Andi questioned Marcus on what he thinks their hometown date will be like, and what questions  Marcus thinks his mom will ask her? Andi thanks Marcus for being so open and honest with her, rewards him with a very sexy kiss, then Marcus reciprocates with a hug …and many more kisses.

As Marcus walks into the bachelor pad, one of the other bachelors, Nick, walks out to go find Andi. Nick does not like the idea that he will not have a one-on-one date with Andi this week. So Nick does not mind breaking the rules. He then walks down to hotel reception and explains that he has lost his room key under his wife’s name, Andi Dorfman. What ever happen to hotel Security?

Nick nervously proceeds to Andi’s room and as he knocks gets excited too. Andi cautiously opens the door to Nick. As they look at each other, viewers can feel the sexual tension between the two of them. Nick asks Andi if she would like to go for a walk, Andi excuses herself while she changes clothes as she was still wearing her outfit from her one-on-one date with Marcus.

Andi and Nick walk along the streets of Brussels hand-in-hand, flirting, kissing, hugging, when Nick proceeds to tell Andi that he is going to be the one to marry her. He makes his feelings and passions known.

BacheloretteThe second one-on-one date is with bachelor, Josh, the athlete. Viewers cannot forget Josh’s reaction last week to the lie detector test. Josh is very ecstatic that Andi chose him, while the 4 remaining bachelors try to hide their disappointment.

Andi and Josh explore the streets of Belgium hand-in-hand, drifting from store to store, taking in the scenery and architecture. Andi questions Josh about his true emotions.

Josh diverts the conversation for now, as they go on to visit a spectacular cathedral. From there onto dinner at a spectacular Belgium castle.

During dinner Andi cannot help but express her fears so she starts a conversation by asking Josh what he thinks their hometown date will be like. Andi goes on to ask Josh what he will tell his family if they ask about his feeling for her. Josh finally reveals to Andi that he is falling hard for her, but he does not like feeling this vulnerable. However he is always excited about spending time with her.

Up next on the Bachelorette Season 10 was Andi breaking hearts in Belgium on the group date. This is the only date this week with a rose that guarantees a hometown date. The four remaining anxious bachelors, Chris, Brian, Michael, and Nick head out to the beautiful Belgian countryside. The group travels to Chateau de la Hulpe ,a real monastery of monks. Andi tells the bachelors no kissing is allowed on the grounds anywhere. With anxieties already high, Chris, Michael, Brian, and Nick, all reveal to Andi how they really feel about her. Andi once again shocks the bachelors by giving the rose, to who else?… Nick, who already had his second one-on-one date and a secret rendezvous with Andi.

Andi and Nick then go on a mini one-on-one date and play words games. Andi and Nick talk about marrying and raising a family, as well as what their hometown date will be like. Andi then wraps-up their date with a surprise fireworks display for Nick and more hugs and kisses. Nick ends up telling Andi her loves her.

Back at the bachelor pad there is a heated discussion about how the 5 other bachelors feel towards Nick. As Nick arrives back at the apartment he enters the living room where all the others are seated. His entry was met with a very long and awkward silence. With a smirk on his face, a heated argument erupts between Nick and the other five bachelors. Nick said he does not care what the other bachelors think about him and he is there for Andi. The group does not believe him and voice their concerns that he is playing a game of strategy, that he will break Andi’s heart.

At the Belgian rose ceremony, tensions were at an all time high. Through tears, hugs, and heartbreak, Andi says goodbye to Brian and Michael. Next week on Season 10 of the Bachelorette looks as though the four remaining bachelors, Nick Josh, Marcus, and Chris, are heading-out with Andi Dorfman on the hometown dates. Stay tune for next week shocking episode and updates.

By Sandra Pridge

ABC’s Bachelotte Season 10 Ep. 7


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