Phalanx Family Services


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a program administered through Phalanx Family Services which is a short term, subsidized employment training program designed to help you to become more employable through on-the-job work experience, vocational training, and work and life readiness training. 

Contact Loris Cannon at 773/291-1086 for intake and assessment. 

Work First

Work first is a pay-after-performance program administered through Phalanx Family Services. Participants are engaged in 20-35 hours of work related activities to earn financial assistance while gaining valuable work experience. 

Contact Theresa Freeman at 773/291-1086 for program information

TNS (The News School)

Earn $10+ per hour training to become a journalist or cub reporter: If you are a youth or young adult age 16-24, please contact Meghan Chandler at 773/291-1086 to get intake and enrolled in TNS.


Get Assistance with expunging your record.

Contact Hugo Davis at 773/291-1086

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