One on One With Megan Mincey of ‘StudvilleTV’ [Interview]

One on One With Megan Mincey of ‘StudvilleTV’ [Interview]

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Passed the rookie stage and making major moves with her acting career, Megan Mincey aka Sevyn from StudvilleTV fell in love with the stage and film at a young age. From attending plays with her grandmother at a young age, Mincey adored acting and that love has cultivated her talent. With a few acting credits to her name, the beautiful and talented actress is surely building a name for herself. Having already been featured in the hit shows The Game and Single Ladies, Megan has also been featured in Drop Dead Diva (2010), The Killing Secret (coming soon in 2014), and recently filmed a pilot for the Lifetime Movie Channel entitled Sizzle.

While there is currently no date for its release, it is proof that the actress is keeping busy and hardworking, as she balances her role as Sevyn on StudvilleTV while steadily making a name for herself in Hollywood. Recently, there was an opportunity to have an one-on-one interview and sit down with Megan Mincey and here is what she had to say:

KELZ: What is it like being apart of StudvilleTV?

MM: They’ve become a second FAM to me & our very overprotective


KELZ: Working on StudvilleTV, was there anyone in the cast or crew that you had already known?

MM: Yes, Chevi Carter. (Chevi plays Serenity on StudvilleTV)


KELZ: How were you aware of the part for Sevyn?

MM: Chevi Carter told me about an open audition.


KELZ: Any similarities between you and your character or are you the opposite of your character?

MM: We are alike in the sense that we want to be the best in our career, we share love of travel, and we both love to journal our life experiences. We differ with her being an only child, whereas I’m the only girl but have three brothers. Sevyn is a sex addict and I’m only one for who I am with in a relationship, and finally, when faced with a challenge, Sevyn gets a little lazy, defeatist attitude, whereas I rise to challenges and work better under pressure!


KELZ: I have seen that you model as well. Any intentions of continuing with that or are you just focused on acting right now?

MM: I hope to do more print and clothing lines but not right now. I’m working on getting my body back right for modeling.


KELZ: You were also on The Game, how was that experience? Any plans to get back on TV or the big screen?

MM: I have done The Game twice now.


KELZ: If you weren’t acting what would you be doing?

MM: Traveling the world & eating. Would love to go to Paris, London, Kenya, and Dubai.


KELZ: Favorite food?

MM: Seafood & Italian.


KELZ: What is your dream role?

MM: Would love to be a part of Orange Is the New Black. Would love to play a bad girl or villian.


KELZ: Is there an actor or actress that you dream of working with?

MM: Angelina Jolie


KELZ: Dream Director to work with?

MM: Michael Bay


KELZ: What is next for you?

MM: StudvilleTV shot a pilot for the Lifetime Movie Channel called Sizzle (possibly airs this year or in 2015.) Also, did a feature titled The Killing Secret and it will be out later this year.

For more information on Mincey, follow her on twitter @Sexii_Megan and watch her in the role of Sevyn in the hit web series, StudvilleTV, which can be viewed on

Interview By Kelly Newsome (Kelz)

Personal Interview With Megan Mincey

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