Jupiter Ascending [Review]

Jupiter Ascending [Review]


Rated number 3 at the box office since its premiere on February 6, 2015, the new science fiction flick, Jupiter Ascending exploits a different concept of our being. Exercising the theory of Darwinism, with a twist of alien creation, this film definitely is a great view for fans who are still in waiting for a new Star Wars or even a new Star Trek series.

Jupiter Jones, portrayed by Mila Kunis, dwells on her life while living and working in Chicago, with her very close family. Like many of us who are unsatisfied with our daily routine of the rat race, Jupiter hates her life. In a desperate attempt to purchase a telescope, that she has been admiring, Jupiter and her devious cousin develop a plan to donate her eggs for a big cash flow. However, Jupiter finds herself feeling a little apprehensive about going through with the donation.

She soon discovers that her life is valued more than she can imagine. During the middle of the procedure, Jupiter is being hunted and is attacked by a group of alien beings that appear to be a mixture of Gollum meets E.T. Luckily for her, one of the main bounty hunters is Cain; he rescues her right on time.

Cain, played by Channing Tatum, is far from the boy next door. Instead, he is mysterious and courageous . The honorable soldier is able to successfully save Jupiter over and over again, due to his half-wolf strengths. Cain reveals to Jupiter things are not always as they seem and together he helps her discover who she really is meant to be.

Jupiter enters a world where is she is royalty. She is not your typical royal princess but a reincarnation queen whose children are hunting her down for the control of earth harvesting of humans.

Jupiter’s first born, Balem Abrasax, played by Eddie Redmayne, is the heir to the Earth and is not too thrilled about mommy’s return. Eddie Redmayne delivers a chilling performance as Balem. His dramatic performance is a great display of what will happen if a person with bipolar disorder, with absentee mommy issues, was given power.

Titus Abrasax, played by Douglas Booth, who is Jupiter’s second son, takes incest to a whole another level when he proposes to his own mother. Titus’s pretty boy image maybe hard to resist; however, with every handsome face comes a price, even for mommy dearest.

Jupiter’s daughter, Kalique Abrasax, played by Tuppence Middleton, sincerely loves her mother and educates her on what is to come. Do not be fooled on her appearance. Kalique is visually older than her mother but within moments of a refreshing bath, her beauty is revealed, notwithstanding her age of four millennium years.

The Wachowskis who directed the movie provide fantasy, jaw-dropping visions of what life could be outside Earth. Each planet in the movie is similar to Earth, but they are unquestionably technologically advanced. So advanced that during the space battle that it looked like a science fiction, fantasy video game. Jupiter Ascending will leave you yearning for the sequel.

Review by Stephanie Altine

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