How Exercise Makes People Look and Feel Younger

How Exercise Makes People Look and Feel Younger

It is well-known that exercising is good for everyone’s health. The crisis of obesity in American children and adults has launched campaigns by First Lady Michelle Obama to get people moving. But many people do not know that exercise can make them look and feel younger. Many women over forty are searching for the elixir in a bottle to make them look ten years younger. However, with the cost of products promising miraculous results and possible side effects, there is a natural solution.

A benefit of exercise that should motivate even ardent couch potatoes is how it improves one’s looks to a younger more virile version of themselves. Exercise is the body’s own natural energy boost and increases vitality; giving one a greater sense of well-being. When people exercise, the body produces its own natural feel-good endorphins that increase energy.

It also improves sex drive by increasing blood flow throughout the body and especially below the belt. By looking better without clothes on the psychological benefits of exercise makes people feel better. If someone is looking for a way to stimulate their sex drive, try power walking or join an aerobics class to revive one’s love life. Exercise can help those who want a lovely complexion and smoother skin. Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario studied a small group of people between ages 20 and 84 to see how exercise can increase skin elasticity, resulting in a more supple and softer complexion.

Those who have been told to straighten up and stop slouching can improve their posture. As people age, muscle loss and bone density changes can affect posture. By strengthening the bones and muscles in the body’s core, people will stand straighter and taller. Improved flexibility is another wonderful benefit of exercise. Aging adults need flexibility training, such as yoga and pilates to keep from feeling rigid. Stretching keeps muscles limber so there is less stiffness in the morning when getting out of bed.

Want to get rid of the blues and that melancholy feeling; try exercise. Endorphins produced by exercising are the body’s natural opiates, without the side effects. It gives a sense of well-being that is more effective than pharmaceutical medications. Unless prescribed by a physician, try exercise as a natural means to psychological well-being. A confidence kick leads to a happier feeling. Try a workout to increase the chances of a good night’s sleep. According to research, those who exercise regularly experience deeper REM sleep. Getting good night’s sleep optimizes bodily functions and reduces stress to awaken rested.

The older people become, the more their metabolism slows down. A slower metabolism means fewer calories burned adding to weight gain. To increase metabolism instituting a regular exercise plan that gets people up off the couch is the only natural option. Walking, at least, four days a week, at a moderate pace, can get rid of calories to help maintain a healthy weight. In addition, exercise builds bone density, especially when weight bearing. Osteoporosis is the loss of bone density that occurs in older women increasing the risk of fractures and broken bones. Strength training exercises can increase bone density and ward off the risk of fractures.

In order to get rid of the muffin top, try exercise. A flat abdomen is the envy of women and men alike. Many desire the head turning six-pack look in the bikini clad body. Belly fat is the culprit that keeps people from obtaining that sought-after appearance. Visceral fat that collects in the belly can increase the risk of chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease. These are just a few reasons to start an exercise plan that will decrease belly fat and increase better health.

By Theresa Manley

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