Calgary Stampede New Food Menu Delicious and Daring

Calgary Stampede New Food Menu Delicious and Daring

Calgary StampedeThe Calgary Stampede is back and The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth has brought some new delicious and daring cuisine for this years packed event. The Stampede has many shows, rides and games and a variety of entertainment venues above the usual events one would expect at a stampede. This year, the Calgary Stampede is introducing 32 new food items that are sure to be crowd pleasers, and even a sense of adventure for some of these infused exotic dishes.

For The Sweet Tooth

For the kids and for those adults that love their sweets, the stampede has everyone covered. Who loves cookie dough? Maybe the question should be, who doesn’t? This year enjoy some chocolate dipped cookie dough on a stick. Basically taking an old favorite and dressing it up on a stick and dipping it in some chocolate, yum! If the raw cookie dough does not suit your fancy, try the deep-fried cookie dough wrapped in a crunchy batter and then, you guessed it, deep-fried.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are delicious on their own. Now take the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, dip that in a batter and deep fry it and low and behold, more yum! Cotton candy is always a big hit with fairs and outdoor events and the Calgary Stampede is no exception. However, these cowboys take it up a notch and this year families can enjoy the delicious cotton candy but all of which is spun into unbelievable, beautiful flower shapes. The art behind this long time favorite is beyond impressive. So pretty, it is almost a shame to bite into them.

Visitors can also try out the red velvet mini doughnuts that are drizzled with a glaze of cream cheese. Candy apples, move over! This year kids can enjoy candy apples in that original crunchy red glaze but the new twist is it is covered in skittles before the coating dries. Sweet tooth overload for sure.

Dogs, Sausages and BBQ Foods

Hungry? Visitors can enjoy a two foot long sausage stuffed into a french baguette that has been freshly toasted. If the jumbo sausage is too much, visitors can opt for the bacon wrapped hot dog topped with grilled peppers and onions in a nice soft bun. Taking the corn dog with an Asian twist, one of the new menu items added this year to the Stampede’s food menu are the Tokyo teriyaki and Shanghai sweet chili corn dogs. Another twist on an old favorite is what they are offering this year in way of poutine. Visitors can try the Polish poutine which incorporates perogies or try the poutine burger guaranteed to be messy but oh so delicious. For the healthier version, one could always try the turkey dinner poutine.

For the Adventurer Foodies

Though the Calgary Stampede has introduced delicious new food menu items they are also offering some rather daring items as well. For the risk takers and adventurers, a scorpion pizza is available. That’s right, a delicious pizza with crunchy scorpions topping it off. If that is a little too daring for some people maybe the crocodile sliders might be easier to digest.

The Calgary Stampede is sure to be yet another big crowd attraction. The Calgary Stampede runs from July 4 to July 13 and now has upped the game by adding new food menu items that are both delicious and daring. Bring out that inner cowboy and venture out to The Calgary Stampede to enjoy all that it has to offer.

By Derik L. Bradshaw

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