They Say Mother Earth Is Breathing

They Say Mother Earth Is Breathing

Garth BrooksTroyal “Garth” Brooks stopped touring and left the world of music without a heart in the year 2000. In April of 1994, Brooks played a sold-out show at the Point in Dublin. The country music star was at the top of his game during this time and was speechless when Ireland accepted him and his music with open arms. A year and seven months later, Garth returned the favor by co-writing “Ireland,” as a tribute to the Irish fans that welcomed him to their country. To add more appreciation, Garth Brooks placed that song at the end of his compact disc. This action is one that should be treasured because Mr. Brooks always puts the song he loves the most on the compact disc at the end!

Garth kept his word to the people of Ireland when he promised to return during his 1994 performance. Brooks returned in 1997 but this time he booked his performance at Croke Park in Dublin. He is coming out of official retirement to start his 2014 world tour in Ireland on Friday, July 25, 2014 and will be playing at Croke Park in Dublin.

According to, the original concert series was to be a three-night stint, but when those three nights sold out in 90 minutes, Garth added a fourth night. The fourth night sold out in 29 minutes and then the fifth night that was added was sold out just as fast. “In the region of 400,000 people have now grabbed tickets for the gigs in Dublin’s Croke Park” as quoted by also stated that Aiken Productions said it was the first time an artist would play five consecutive sold-out dates at the Irish venue.

This is groundbreaking, not only for country music, but for Croke Park.
Seventeen years later Garth Brooks is excited and reported that Garth stated, “No matter where I am in the world, when I am asked what place I like to sing, I say Ireland. It is just phenomenal.” Even though Irish fans are elated about watching Garth Brooks perform on stage, there are some Irish residents near Croke Park that feel differently. As states, “residents living around Croke Park are “seriously thinking” about seeking an injunction to stop the five Garth Brooks concerts this summer.”

It seems that the residents are complaining because there has never been a five-night event at the venue and it increases traffic and makes it difficult to get in and out of their homes. The residents are also concerned with the fans consuming alcoholic beverages and causing disturbances in the residential area.

It would be disastrous for both Garth Brooks and his fans if any of the concert dates were cancelled. The fans waiting in lines for many hours to see a performance that they felt were worthy of their time would be for not. Brooks would also be heartbroken because he treasures Ireland and his Irish fans. When Garth released his Double Live CD in 1998, one of the CD covers was a picture of Garth Brooks crowd surfing at the performance in Ireland. Garth wrote it best when he sang, “I’m coming home Ireland/ yes I am home Ireland”(Garth Brooks)

By Sonia Pipkin


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