Tempers Among TV Elite

Tempers Among TV Elite

So it continues, and another broadcast network has yet another actor that is being brought into the spotlight over alleged spousal abuse.

In early 2014, Columbus Short of the high-ranking TV show, Scandal, was arrested on charges of spousal battery and child abuse. He and his wife got into a physical altercation that stemmed from a verbal altercation where their two young children were present. Shortly after the incident went public, Short was fired from the network, and in the season opener it was revealed that his character, Harrison Wright had been murdered. There had to be a spin to explain why Short, Harrison, was missing from the Gladiator Team.

In more recent news, there is yet another network facing the same possibility of having an important cast member under scrutiny for abuse. There is a new Fox show that has taken everyone by storm. With its controversy, drama, entertaining cast, and witty humor, Empire has made its mark with only 2 episodes airing. At the brink of announcing a second season, the show’s star, Terrance Howard is put in the spotlight for the wrong reason. Howard plays Luscious Lyon, a famed rap star who has built a Music Record Label “Empire” from the drug money that was given to him before his wife at the time, played by Taraji P. Henson, was sent to prison in his place.

According to Fox News, after the press release announcement of the second season, the Fox execs claimed to not know of any abuse allegations for Terrance Howard. The problem with this statement is that when abuse allegations occur dealing with well-known actors, they are very public. However public the allegations were that occurred in October of 2014, the executives said that they were not made aware of the incident until December of 2014, only a week before the season premiere.

Unlike Scandal, which had been running for almost 4 seasons before Columbus Short was reprimanded for his alleged involvement in domestic violence, Empire could pose to fold before its second season without some drastic rewrites. If Howard was to be released from Fox, a drastic rewrite may do no good as Luscious Lyon, Terrance Howard, is a major character in the storyline of the TV show that is growing more popular every week. Terrance attributes his issues to being young and dumb. He goes on to say that everyone deserves a chance to grow.

Howard’s cast mates and network execs said they have not experienced anything but professionalism when working with him. The key word here is work. Although the professionalism may go on at work, questions remain for some about how he carries himself in his personal life. Many people have a front which they show in front of others that can be very different behind closed doors. There is really no taking sides here unless someone was physically present to know exactly what happened. Everyone must watch the story unfold. Do we have a case on our hand of misunderstood relationship quarreling, or is there a trending topic of the TV elite having nasty tempers and a need for anger management?

By Cameasha Rucker-Muhammad


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