Taylor Swift Loves Police Car Escapism

Taylor Swift Loves Police Car Escapism

Taylor Swift
The Dover, Delaware police department recently released a video of a police officer rocking out to singer Taylor Swift’s Shake it off while driving in his patrol car. He waves to pedestrians while grooving to the popular song. The Dover police department are calling the video “Dash cam confessionals” while releasing the video on some of their social media accounts.

Naturally something this silly regarding a police officer received a lot of positive reviews as their Facebook likes and retweets on twitter went through the roof. On the flip side of this, some people were upset by the video.

The Dover police department issued a statement when they released the video of Officer Jeff Davis head-bobbing and weaving to the pop star’s trendy song. They announced a new web feature called “Dash Cam Confessionals” which would feature clips like this one, taken from the cameras inside police cars. They apologized to Swift in advance.

Oh no need to apologize, every cop needs to let their hair down every once in a while.

The video has received over 13 million views. If this crime fighting stuff doesn’t work out perhaps this cop can have a career in music? Ok, I jest, he should probably keep his day job. However, some people are trying to rain on these cop’s parade by calling it a cheesy publicity stunt, and verbally berating the police department for the video. Of course it is one, but why ruin their fun?

I think we can all agree that a police officer’s job is dangerous. Almost any day a cop can get shot or stabbed. Even in the safest of suburban neighborhoods a police officer’s job is a tough one. A cop can die in the line of duty at any time.

Since we all accept the fact that when a police officer goes out on patrol or investigates a crime, that it could be his or her last, I think we can afford to give these guys some leeway when it comes to moments of brevity.

My opinion is that most people including cops can differentiate between real life and something that is meant for entertainment purposes. Can we give these guys a break and just laugh at something that’s funny without getting emotionally irrational?

Unfortunately police officers have gotten a bad reputation due to allegations of police brutality and corruption. There are good and bad in everything these days, including police. Most cops are good, and uphold the law. Of course there are also the bad eggs that give the good cops a bad name.

But let’s not pretend like Swift’s song isn’t so damned catchy. Even one of my favorite professional Baseball players, Dodger’s catcher A.J. Ellis, used Swift’s song as his “walk-up song” every time he came to the plate in 2014. Sure he got razzed a bit for it in the clubhouse, but you can’t blame him can you?

If Taylor Swift herself can have a laugh at it, then we all can. As a matter of fact, the pop star tweeted out the video with the text “LOLOLOLOL the sass” I have to admit, I find myself snapping my fingers whenever I hear the song on the radio. Cops can have some fun too. Anyone remember that old musical called Cop Rocks? Not to mention that there was a police officer in the village people. I guess haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Written by Scott Andes

USA Today

Image courtesy of Craig O’NealFlickr License

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