Sinead O’Connor: Take Me to Church [Audio]

Sinead O’Connor: Take Me to Church [Audio]

Sinead O ConnorSinead O’Connor’s new album, I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss is set for release Aug. 11. According to O’Connor’s website, there are twelve songs listed on the album. The first single has been released on SoundCloud and an audio video on YouTube. The new release by Sinead O’Connor is titled, Take Me To Church.

The Irish born singer has been getting lots of attention lately when new photo’s of the singer were released earlier this month. Decked out in a black leather dress, a black bob wig and sexily holding a guitar, the image of O’Connor certainly made waves. With the release of Take Me To Church, comes another new photo. This time the 47-year-old musician is wearing a long red wig as she plays the guitar.

Though the images were not meant to be for the cover of the album but merely for publicity, Sinead explains to Yahoo Music that the plan worked. “I was aware if I were to produce a couple of photo’s wherein I had hair,” O’Connor said, “everybody would run them and would have to mention the album title.” Once the buzz was going around on the Internet, the record company quickly jumped on the opportunity and decided to use the photo for the album cover.

Though the pictures caused a stir and generated some buzz for Sinead’s upcoming album, the release of Take Me To Church speaks for itself. If the rest of the album is anything like this new release, Sinead O’Connor certainly does not need wigs to get attention, though fans love watching the singer play dress up.

With many of her songs, O’Connor manages to grasp the listeners in and take them on a personal journey of redemption. The catchy and uplifting tune will certainly be many fans anthem as so many of Sinead’s songs have been. With a taste of what is to come, O’Connors new album, I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss has fans bursting with anticipation.

O’Connor has never been one to be boxed into one musical style. Throughout the years, the singer has ventured sounds of Reggae, pop, rock and folk. A true artist and musician, O’Connor remains true to herself which comes out in her music. Take Me To Church has lyrics that hint Sinead is singing of herself, yet the words could be used as a motto for many people’s lives.

No videos have been released yet for the single, Take Me To Church but Sinead O’Connor already has some ideas. Stating that she does not yet know to which song this idea will be for, O’Connor says that they plan to do a spoof of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball. This wouldn’t suprise her fans or anyone as Sinead has always been at the forefront of controversy. There is no doubt that fans everywhere are hoping this new album will bring O’Connor back into the spotlight where she has been missed by fans for a long time.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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