Rap Revolution in Brazil Led by Kaos Mc

Rap Revolution in Brazil Led by Kaos Mc


Brazil is not famous for its rap, although it is known for its music, rap is not something people associate with Brazil. However, that is changing slowly. Artists such as Kaos Mc have begun to make a ripple not just in Brazil but globally. This becomes more evident when one considers that stars like Tito Jackson and Alex Boye have collaborated with Brazilian rapper Kaos Mc on what will be his new single, “What’s Wrong With You,” which is due for release in early spring in Brazil and around the world.

In Brazil, San Paulo is at the heart of the emerging rap scene. Kaos comes from Bahia and under the winds of Producer Peter Doc B he has grown to be a national name. In fact, Peter Doc B has been pivotal in putting Brazilian rap on the map and it is his connections with Tito Jackson and Alex Boye, whom he has worked with and produced with in the past, that allowed this collaboration to take place.

Peter Doc B was part of EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B). For almost 10 years he worked with Stevie Eagle and the two had a string of hits before taking slightly different paths. The two have come together many times since and are once again collaborating. Shlepp Entertainment Ltd., run by Stevie Eagle E, will be the label behind the new single. Working closely with Kaos Mc, for his debut album and his first single that will be released worldwide.

Additionally, the single features another huge star, Alex Boye, a voice that has captured millions of fans around the world and continues to break records on YouTube. Also included on the track is another Brazilian rapper Bulldog.

Global news ink had a chance to listen to the song and stated it was an amazing fusion of soul, R&B, and rap. According to the editors, if this track does not do well, there is no justice. The bigger picture, however, is the fact that the success of this track could well turn the tide in the Brazilian rap scene, making it accessible and acceptable not only in Brazil but globally. Bringing these two massive starts together on his project is impressive and speaks volumes for Kaos Mc and Peter Doc B.

By Jeanette Smith

Images Courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd. – Used With Permission

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