Marvel ‘Agent Carter’ Premieres

Marvel ‘Agent Carter’ Premieres


Marvel continues to expand its transmedia story in their newest addition to the world of Captain America, Agent Carter. The show, starring Captain America’s Hayley Atwell, follows the life of Peggy Carter after her beloved Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is believed to be dead in an explosion. Carter’s story picks up after the return of the soldiers once again marginalised her, causing her to not only struggle with the loss of her true love but with the difficulties of being a single working woman in the 1940s. Top that with the stress of being a part of the secret Strategic Scientific Reserve, requiring her to risk her life and freedom for covert operations, and you have got a drama that won’t quit in this riveting addition to the Marvel universe.

Fans will truly appreciate the unlikely relationship that develops between Carter and Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark’s butler. As Carter tackles secret missions given to her by Stark, Jarvis is forced into the position of aiding her in her endeavors. As Atwell tells Screen Rant, “They’re forced together. He’s been told that he has to work with her and be available to her. But I think, from her point of view, she doesn’t need any help.” And so from this unlikely coupling develops a delightful banter that will surely amuse viewers.

While some may be hesitant in accepting the latest ABC drama in remembering the slow-moving quality of Marvel’s other TV show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the show’s tie-in episode to Captain America: The Winter Soldier left fans even more fascinated with the world. As the ties to Captain America are already established in this newest addition to Marvel’s universe, the show is likely to captivate fans right off the bat, leaving nowhere to go but up in this truly unique take on the ever-popular story.

Along with its two-hour premiere on Tuesday, Marvel released a trailer for its newest movie Ant-Man. While this story may at first glance seem shockingly similar to that of Iron Man, there is much to this tale that does not initially meet the eye. The addition of this non-A-list character to the growing world of Marvel leaves many fans speculating over what this could mean for the universe in terms of the brewing civil war in Phase 3 of the Captain America series (to be revealed in 2016).

These additions to the Marvel universe leave fans tantalized as they continue to follow the transmedia tale in all its facets of the world. Is Captain America really dead? How will Peggy survive in the world without him? What kind of missions could Stark have in store for her? And what in the world does Ant-Man have to do with any of it? The possibilities are endless and so are the questions, but thankfully fans will not have to wait long for their inquiries to be answered. Agent Carter has its two-hour premiere on ABC this Tuesday, January 6 at 8|7 c. You won’t want to miss this chance to discover more about the Marvel universe.

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