Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Feud Ongoing?

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Feud Ongoing?

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It is no secret that Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have been trying their hardest to not acknowledge the media frenzy on the Internet of the ladies ongoing feud. The dramatic tale unfolds as it has been since Kardashian and Kanye West hooked up to the couple’s engagement, the famous European wedding and now their children are being dragged into it.

Life & Style magazine published their June issue and in it is an interview where a source states that Kim said that North was much cuter than Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy, the daughter of power couple Beyonce and Jay Z, is only 2-years-old. Baby North is 1. Fans thought it was a bit harsh to start attacking a child just because the Mother’s cannot get along. According to Life & Style, Kim is portrayed as a”momzilla” who continuously boasts that baby North is cuter than Blue Ivy, and according to the source, Kim loves it.

The feud began back in 2012 when they both attended the Budweiser Made in America music festival. The festival was put on by Jay Z but it did not take long for Kim to try and get some of the attention. Ron Howard was filming the event for a documentary about Jay Z. Sources state that Kim was using the event to try and be part of the documentary and kept saying how she was such a big fan of director, Ron Howard. Kim, who has always aspired towards being an actress, said she would love to be cast in one of Howard’s film. Kardashian, obviously was using the event made for Jay Z to promote herself.

That is when Beyonce stepped in and pulled Kim aside and said some choice words. The source explains that Beyonce explained to Kim that the event was not for her, that it was for her husband who organized the event. Beyonce also said that there were other musicians and celebrities that needed film coverage for Howard’s documentary.

Jay Z allegedly pulled Beyonce aside and explained that Kanye West was his best friend and that she would have to try and be nice to Kim, for everyone’s sake. Kim could not get over it so easily and the source said that Kim called momager, Kris Jenner to vent on how horrible she was treated at the Made in Americas festival. The source concluded that Kardashian is simply not accustomed to not getting whatever she wants.

Beyonce and Jay Z have always been a very private couple. So when the couple started their On The Run tour June 25, fans were surprised to see personal video footage being played on the giant screen as they performed. The footage included wedding photos, family moments and private home videos. Could this be Beyonce’s way of firing back?

According to sources, Beyonce doesn’t like the fact that Kardashian came into fame from a sex tape compared to her life long hard work. It is no secret that Beyonce and Jay Z did not attend the much publicized Kimye wedding. The two come from different worlds, brought together by men whom they love. Will this  Kim Kardashian and Beyonce feud be ongoing? Or will they find it in their hearts to get along? Either way, neither of them are speaking out whether the feud is real or just created drama. The last thing Kim would want to get out is the truth, if of course, the feud rumors are not rumors at all.

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