Cathy Cash Presents the Mayweather Fight Weekend All White Party

Cathy Cash Presents the Mayweather Fight Weekend All White Party

Cathy Cash presents the Mayweather Fight Weekend All White Mansion Day/Night Party. The Mayweather fight will take place on Aug. 26, 2017, but that is not the only event of the weekend. Cash has a host of events planned for Aug. 25-27.

This historic weekend will be the third of its kind. As Cash puts it, “Floyd Mayweather and all of the celebrities come to a star studded event, a boxing event. It is the boxing event of the century, it is historic.”

The Mayweather fight is an event that is known to catch people’s attention for the whole weekend, from civilians to celebrities. “If you’re not on you’re living room couch, then you’re walking the red carpet sporting your finest attire.”

The main goal of this event is to, “get the celebrities, entrepreneurs and high profile people to an upscale area to have an experience that requires them all to make beneficial connections.This experience causes spectators around the world to look at the bigger picture. Yes, this is about “Mayweather breaking Marciano’s record and becoming the best fighter to have ever lived but this event also, accumulates over one billion dollars, no one has ever done this before.

All of this hard work is definitely not going unnoticed, Cash ensures that there is full coverage at all of her presentations.

Besides all of the history that is being made, the goal is to also make sure that everyone is having a great experience.

Written by Alexandria Martin
Edited by Jeanette Smith


Interview:  Cathy Cash – July 20, 2017

Image by Roof Courtesy of So Max O’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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