Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Is Gaining Popularity Quickly

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Is Gaining Popularity Quickly

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series which has been around for over 25 years now, and has experienced a significant amount of popularity in japan. The past few months have seen a massive rise of popularity for the series in the west. In April, an official simulcast of the second season of the anime alongside an officially subtitled first season was released.

The anime faithfully adapts the first 3 parts of the manga, at least as of now. It may go farther in the future and can be viewed for free on Crunchyroll. The most recent season has been confirmed to be a 4-cour series, meaning it will last a year. There have been no confirmations of an anime adaptation of part 4, but hopefully such an adaptation will come.

Later in April came the English release of the amazing video game based off the series: All Star Battle. Anyone who does not own the game will find themselves fans quickly. It is a great game with respect to quality and is even better if you are a Jojo fan. It does not take long to be sucked into this aptly-named world of the strange and bizarre.

Soon after that, American otaku were given a reprint of Viz’s English print of part 3, and earlier this month came confirmation of an English version of part 1 (and possibly beyond). Most recently, a few days ago, it was learned that the stardust crusaders (season 2) anime is getting an English dub with the first 3 English episodes to be available on a limited basis for streaming on Crunchyroll. The cast includes Matthew Mercer as Jotaro Kujo, Richard Epcar as Joseph Joestar, and Patrick Seitz as the evil DIO. (for the internet Jojo fandom, Yes. Dio did do things wrong, the meme is a lie!)

Due to the growing number of releases in the west, the popularity of the series is constantly expanding as well. The Jojo fandom has an increasing presence on the internet recently, and more and more people are climbing on the bandwagon. If the series is marketed well, it has a great potential to become a huge sensation here in the west. Most of the fans of the series are quite devoted, and it is very rare to find a person who has truly given Jojo a chance and disliked it afterward.  The cult of fans are slowly crawling out of the dark side of the internet and are taking over.

As illustrated by the avalanche of content consumable in the west, the major companies are taking notice of the series fast.  The third season had a dub announced after only 12 episodes had aired in Japan. That is faster than even massively popular series like Sword Art Online or Attack on Titan! Release for the show in the west is growing fast, so those who aren’t a fan of Jojo already may find that now is the best time to start. Almost certainly, given the growing trend, a year from now Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will be absolutely everywhere.  The series is fun, loyal to the manga, and infectious. One not to miss.

(One final note, You thought this was written by Popo, but it was me, Dio!)

Review By Reuben Malone (Popo)


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