Janet Jackson Reigning Queen of Pop

Janet Jackson Reigning Queen of Pop

Janet Jackson
The iconic pop star and loyal sister remains sassier than ever, dauntless and ready to embrace life’s memories of her brother, while the iconic Jackson clan continues to put together the remaining pieces of their careers, dreams, families and a future without Michael.

Janet Damita Jo Jackson, songwriter, actress and sister of American icon pop star Michael Jackson, is still healing from what seems like a recent loss – the death of her brother Michael Jackson. Michael died suddenly in Los Angeles on June 25, 2012. Janet has reported that she has had to turn off her television set in order to be alone with the process of healing. She complains that people “expect her to bounce back as if nothing happened,” says one source. Two days before her 43rd birthday, she and her big brother hung out, ate their favorite food and teased each other unmercifully. Through the grieving process, Janet used work as a tonic. “I’ve been doing okay,” she says. “Work helps focus all of that energy on something that is of value to you.”

There were times when Janet would describe Michael’s humor as dry. He loved slapstick comedies. He loved comedians such as Eddie Murphy and he was absolutely crazy about the three stooges. While Janet is described as a discerning young woman, she is always aware of her image and the power she has as a role model for others within the industry. She is acutely aware since the death of her brother of the public fan base which grew with the Multi-generational Jackson clan she was privileged to be born into, thus, proving that Janet herself, is fabulous at any age—according the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

While it seems the Jackson clan has created their own universe, they remain an iconic family of pop stars mourning their brother and planning for what lies ahead for the next generation. Since Michael’s death, it is the Jackson children that have been the public focus. They have become celebrities in their own right, with their own trust funds worth multiple millions that they will have available at age 30. Their father’s estate continues to earn even now, bringing in $445 over the past couple years.million in the past two years alone. How are the kids doing now? Prince Michael is a fight fanatic who trains in jiu-jitsu at the renowned Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills.

TMZ was one of the first to report that Paris Jackson reconnected with Jackson family members after trying to take her own life by cutting herself 2 years ago. It was reported that Paris lived at a boarding school in Utah, where she received therapy and is reportedly now dating. Michael Joseph Prince, now 16 and the eldest of the three Jackson children, is now interning, so to speak, as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and showing up on various tv shows. He is now of driving age and dating a young lady by the name of Remi Alfalah.

Janet, the only Jackson sibling with fame close to Michael’s notable estate, has honed her skills as an actress in films he would be proud of, such as For Colored Girls Only, with a world tour that has afforded her the independence she craves so that Janet remains “To Be The One In Control”.

By L. Lilah Westrick


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