How Kate Middleton Manages to Always Look Slender and Fit

How Kate Middleton Manages to Always Look Slender and Fit

How Kate Middleton Manages to Always Look Slender and FitIt’s no secret that many look at Kate Middleton’s slender figure with envy and wonder. Now that the Duchess managed to go through her second pregnancy with only minimal weight gain, even more people are looking to learn her fitness secrets. Her strategies are not all that impossible to follow.

In 2011, it was the Dukan diet that was the essence of Kate’s game plan for slimming down before her wedding. This is a protein diet similar to Atkins, but with slightly more stringent rules. Following the diet through its different phases, Kate had to first eat high-protein foods only, avoiding carbs and fats at all costs, and only later could she slip small amounts of fruit, vegetables and starches into her meals. The diet was clearly highly effective: Kate had dropped to a stunning size six on her wedding day.

The Dukan diet is one of the Duchess’ favorite, but she returns to it perhaps only for big occasions. For instance, the 29 pounds that she astonishingly lost within eight weeks after the birth of Prince George was also largely due to the Dukan diet. She might perhaps choose to readopt the old success secret now that Princess Charlotte has already joined the royal family.

Kate does, however, experiment with other diets too. As of June 2014, she appeared to develop a particular liking for raw foods. Watermelon salads, goji berries, and gazpacho (a cold soup), were slowly becoming popular culinary delights on the royal table. She confessed later that she was experimenting with the raw food diet to improve the appearance of her skin; she wanted it more radiant. Other than the slight diet modifications Kate had to make due to her hyperemesis, it was certainly this diet that kept her slim during her second pregnancy.
With regards to exercising, Kate seems to slip into her gym outfits more often that we would associate with the Utopic royal life. Kate was, after all, known for her overly active lifestyle even before her marriage to William. In the palace, as Daily Mail reports, the Duchess does one hour of exercise every morning, mostly using simple equipment such as dumbbells and gym balls. The private gym at the Kensington Palace is where she does most of her indoors workouts. On occasion, however, Kate opts to workout outdoors. Running, hiking, and rowing are some of the activities she enjoys outside. Having been an avid runner even prior to becoming a duchess, Kate found herself slipping on her running shoes within weeks after Prince George’s birth. Perhaps she plans to do the same now that Charlotte has graced our Earth.

As if all these healthy tendencies were not impressive enough, Kate boasts another interesting fact: she receives no professional help on fitness. Unlike most other celebrities, Kate has no personal dietician or physical trainer. She solely designs her own workout programs, and meal planning is one of her daily duties as a royal wife. Can those without royalty do the same?

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