‘Game of Thrones’ Recap [Spoilers]

‘Game of Thrones’ Recap [Spoilers]

Winter is finally here in Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” (GOT), which aired July 16, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Fans of the HBO television series have waited six seasons for the weather to change and the real fight for the throne to begin.

The nine noble families fight for the control of the Seven Kingdoms in the mythical lands of Westeros, but there is a forgotten race that has lain dormant for thousands of years and will have to be contended with — the White Walkers.

ATTENTION: The rest of this article is going to be filled with spoilers. Any fans, who have not seen the three current episodes of “Game of Thrones,” have been advised.

‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 1 Dragonstone

Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” opened with an epic scene fans will not forget. Cameras fade in on Walder Frey, who was the Lord of the Crossing, Lord of Riverrun, and Lord of Paramount of the Trident. He was also the head of House Frey and the Great House of the Riverlands, until he was killed by Arya Stark.

It seems odd that Lord Frey is standing at the top of the room. In the scene, he is treating his male relatives to a feast as he recaps the Red Wedding with them. How is he actually standing there doing so? How is this possible? He is dead, right?

Soon, fans get the feeling that Lord Frey, real or not, is about to do something ominous and cruel to his male counterparts, but what? The head of House Frey raises a glass and his relatives stand to do the same, as they toast, he turns to the girl standing next to him and tells her she cannot drink the wine because she is undeserving. This alone should have been an indicator that it was not really Lord Frey. The men drink their cups empty and soon start to drop to the floor. They have been poisoned by who they thought was their lord and commander.

“Game of Thrones” tends to deal out death and carnage to whomever. Why not an entire house? The audience watches as Arya Stark unmasks herself, revealing she was the girl behind the mask. Now, she has had her revenge on the man who killed her family and the men who helped him.

The scene cuts to the Night King leading White Walkers and zombies in a march to the south. Bran, who calls himself the “Three Eyed Raven,” sees this in a vision as he is being pulled up to the Wall Gate. He is greeted by Eddison Tollett and tells him the White Walkers are coming.

In the next scene, Jon Snow is giving the order to find dragonglass, as it is the only thing that will kill the Night King and his entourage. Snow also tells his people that men and women, from the ages of 10 and up, will be trained in combat because they need everyone to fight.

Cut to Cersei Lannister, the queen everyone loves to hate, and her brother Jamie Lannister talking over a large map of Westeros. They know that Daenerys Stormborn, aka the Dragon Queen, along with their brother Tyrion Lannister are coming. Cersei tells Jamie they are surrounded and her brother tells her they need to work with the House of Tyrell. The Lannisters need allies because they are the last of their bloodline.

Ceresi is looking out the window when an armada approaches. The Ironborn have come to the shores of Casterly Rock to help the Lannisters. Euron Greyjoy has an audience with Cersei and tells her he wants vengeance against Theon Greyjoy and his sister. Euron also says he will fight with her and allow his 1,000 ships to be at her beck and call, if she agrees to marry him. Cersei tells Greyjoy she does not trust him and will not marry him. He says he will return soon with a gift.

Meanwhile, at the Maester Citadel, Samwell Tarly is treated like a newbie and given chamber pot duties. The scene that follows is grossly funny. Sam is cleaning and emptying the iron containers to an almost rhythmic clanking of chamber pots, gagging sounds, faucets turning on, and the wheeling of the trolley he pushes, as he collects the pots daily.

Then, Sam is helping Archmaester Marwyn with an autopsy and telling him about the White Walkers. Sam asks if he can have access to the restricted area of the library. Marwyn denies his request. He does tell Sam he believes him about the White Walkers, however, Marwyn says the Wall has held them back every time. Sam, eager to read the books in the restricted section, steals the keys and goes to the library.

Arya, done with her mass-murder spree, is riding alone through the forest when she comes upon a group of men singing by a fire. They ask her to join them, and offer her food. The men are friendly and Arya chats with them. One of them asks why a nice girl like her is heading to King’s Landing? She tells them she is going to kill the queen. At first, the soldiers are stunned by her declaration, but come to the conclusion that this little girl could not be, in any way, a threat to the queen on her own. So, they laugh about it as though she were joking.

Who can forget The Mountain aka The Hound? He is big and scary looking, but on the inside, he is a teddy bear. He is traveling through the snow with Beric Dondarrion and his men, when they come upon a deserted inn. Needing shelter for the evening, Beric says they will rest there. The Mountain is not sure about the accommodations and voices it.

Once inside, The Mountain and Beric see the skeletons of a father and child in the corner, on top of the bed. Later, The Mountain is urged to look into the fire to find the answers he seeks. When he does, he sees zombies coming to Castle Black. After the men have gone to sleep, Beric finds The Mountain outside burying the dead and asks if he knew them. The response is short, and Beric helps finish burying the dead.

Back at the Citadel, Sam has taken an old manuscript home and he is reading it. He finds the reference to dragonglass and a map showing a mountain of the stuff under Dragonstone. He writes Snow to tell him of his discovery. During his rounds the next morning, while he is in the jail area, a hand thrusts out of a cell and the voice behind it asks if Daenerys has landed yet. Sam tells him he does not know.

In the last scene of the first episode of “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Daenerys is making landfall beneath a great castle. She leads her troops through the front gates. There is a long path that leads to the Dragonstone Castle. When they enter, the Throne Room is deserted and Daenerys sits upon her throne for the first time. Then, they go into the map room left by Stannis Baratheon.

‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 2 Stormborn

The second episode of “Game of Thrones” Season 7, opens with a storm raging outside Dragonstone. Tyrion and Varys are making plans with Daenerys for the impending war in the map room. The Dragon Mother challenges Varys on his prior loyalty, under her father, asking why he betrayed the Mad King and if his loyalties are with her. He says his true loyalties are to the people, although, in the same breath he pledges himself to her. Daenerys threatens Varys saying if he ever betrays her she will burn him alive with her dragons.

As the storm still rages on, the Dragon Mother meets with Melisandre, the Red Witch. She tells Daenerys the prophecy of the prince or princess that was promised and would bring the Dawn. She also says she believes in the prophecy, as does Jon Snow King of the North. The Red Witch tells Daenerys to summon Snow. Tyrion says he likes Jon and has more reason to hate Cersei than she does. The Dragon Mother agrees and tells him to send a message to Snow to come bend the knee.

He receives the message from Daenerys and shows it to his sister, Sansa. Although Jon tells her he trusts Tyrion, his sister is against him going to Dragonstone, saying it would be too dangerous.

Back at King’s Landing, Cersei is speaking to her council. She instills in them a fear of the Dothraki and the Targaryen. She tells them Daenerys has arrived at their shores with these brutal men who rape and kill children. Further instilling fear, she says the Dragon Mother feeds her foes to her dragons. Of course scared, Lord Tarly steps forward and says she has three grown dragons, the same as the Mad King when he won the last war. How are they to win the war? Maester Qyburn reassures the people, telling them they are working on a plan for the dragons.

Jamie speaks to Lord Tarly after the council meeting. He tries to convince him to become their general, but he rebuttals with, “I am a Tyrell Bannerman.”

Back at the Citadel, the man with the scaly arm, that thrust out at Sam, is standing in the jail cell with the Archmaester. He is telling the man it is too late to cure him and stop the spread of his condition, known as greyscale. Jorah asks how long he has and is told six months, maybe less. Sam approaches the Archmaester telling him of the young girl who was cured of the condition. The Archmaester tells Sam that this man is too old for that treatment, condemning him to death. Jorah is told he has one more day to stay at the Citadel.

In the catacombs of King’s Landing, Qyburn shows Cersei a large crossbow weapon designed to kill Daenerys’ dragons, telling her they are not invincible.

Daenerys has her war council. In attendance is Olenna Tyrell, Yara Greyjoy, and Ellaria Sand. The three women are eager to attack and push to do so. However, Tyrion explains that they have devised another plan. The Dorne and Trell armies will lay siege on King’s Landing; and the Dothraki and Unsullied will attack Casterly Rock and the Lannister home. The trio agrees to support Daenerys.

Daenerys excuses them all but asks to speak to Olenna privately. The Dragon Mother tells her that she knows she has greater reason to exact vengeance on Cersei than she has love for her, but promises to bring back peace to the lands. Olenna rebuttals, asking if she thought her father brought peace and says, “peace never lasts, my dear.” Olenna said she ignored the men around her and their advice and that is how she survived, telling Daenerys “you’re a dragon, be a dragon.”

Back at the Citadel, Sam has homework. As he reads, he may have found the cure for greyscale. He tells the Archmaester about his discovery but is shot down and told it is too dangerous. Sam defies him and orders Jorah to drink a bottle of rum when he brings him food. Sam has the book and follows the painful cure, cutting off the infected tissue. As Jorah’s agony mounts, he is asked to keep quiet so they do not get caught.

Arya is at a pub, eating bread and drinking ale, alongside her chubby old friend Hot Pie. He tells Arya that her brother, Jon Snow is King of the North. Surprised and in disbelief, she rushes to finish her meal and departs.

Snow receives Sam’s message. He calls for a council and updates them on his plans to leave right away and meet Daenerys. Sansa and the Lords in the room try to change his mind, telling him it is dangerous. Jon says they need the dragonglass if they are to defeat the Night King and White Walkers. He tells everyone that Sansa is in charge and leaves with Davos and a small troop.

Arya is still traveling alone. She is trying to start a fire to stay warm when she notices her horse is unsettled. Something is wrong. Before she can do anything, she is surrounded by a pack of direwolves. She draws her sword. The alpha wolf closes in, and immediately she sees it is Nymeria, her long lost direwolf. Arya asks her to stay with her, which calms the wolf. Nevertheless, Nymeria turns and walks away, leaving Araya unscathed.

The last scene is of the Sand Snakes, Greyjoys, and the Dornes sailing together. Suddenly, they are attacked. Euron’s massive battleship rams the attackers and board the ship. The battle is fierce, but ultimately the Greyjoy fleet is in flames. Euron kills two of the Sand Snakes and takes Ellaria captive. He fights with Yara Greyjoy and overpowers her. Theon tries to help his sister, but is reminded of the fear he felt when he was held captive and freezes. He jumps ship, leaving his sister.

‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 3 The Queens Justice

The third episode of “Game of Thrones” opens with Snow and his small troop of men arriving on the shores of Dragonstone. He and Davos greet Tyrion and Missandei warmly. Tyrion greets Snow saying, “the bastard of Winterfell.” Jon responds with, “the dwarf of Casterly Rock.” Snow and his men are asked for their weapons before they are allowed to go any further.

On their walk along the long path to the castle, Tyrion playfully asks Jon if Sansa misses him. Jon tells Tyrion his men think he is a fool for coming. Tyrion agrees, saying Stark men do not fare well here. Snow agrees but says he is not a Stark. At that moment one of the dragons swoops down on them as it flies by, scaring the crew and they take refuge on the ground.

The scene cuts to Varys and Melisandre watching the arrival from a cliff. Varys questions Melisandre as to why she is hiding from Jon. She states that her time of whispering in the ears of kings is over. Going on to say that she and the King of the North did not part on good terms due to awful mistakes, of her own doing. She tells Vary she is leaving to Volantis. Varys tells her it is best for her to stay there and never come back to Westeros because she will not be safe there. However, the Red Witch tells him she will return to this land because it is where she must die, as it is where he must die too.

Jon is led to the Throne Room where Missandei announces the Queen’s title saying, “you stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of house Targarian. Rightful hire to the Iron Throne. Rightful Queen of the Andals and the first men. The protector of the Seven Kingdoms. The mother of dragons. The Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. The Unburned. Breaker of chains.” Dravo announces Jon by simply saying, “this is Jon Snow.” Looks all around of confusion. Dravo adds, “the King of the North.”

The meeting goes sideways when Jon will not bend the knee. Daenerys reminds Snow of his father pledged to hers in a bond of forever in serving them. Jon points out that her father burned his grandfather alive. Daenerys points out that he was an evil man and for Jon not to judge her because of him. Jon agrees she is not guilty of her father’s crimes but also points out he is not beholden to his father’s pledge.

Jon tells Daenerys of the White Walkers, calling everyone a child in the grand scheme of things if they do not take it seriously and fight the White Walkers before the Lannisters. She does not believe him. Varys interrupts the meeting whispering something into Daenerys ear and she ends it sending Jon and his crew to their chambers.

The news Varys delivered was about the naval battle being lost and the Sands being killed and captured as well as the Greyjoys. She wants to know if any of the Greyjoys survived, Varys does not know.

The scene cuts to Theon being hosted from the sea by his fellow surviving fleet. They are disgusted with his cowardice.

In Kings Landing, Euron rides a horse through its streets, proud of his accomplishments, as he leads Illaria, and Tyene Sand, and Yara, by the neck, behind him. The women are pelted with objects from the crowd around them as they walk. Euron enters the Throne Room where Cersei sits in wait and he presents the women to her. As a reward, Cersei agrees to marry him. She then announces that Euron will co-command the military with Jamie.

In the dungeon, Cersei taunts a chained Illaria for murdering her daughter. She tells her she would lay awake many nights exacting revenge against the woman who took her child from her and how she would do it. Cersei turns to Tyene and kisses her and wipes off the lipstick poison used to kill her own daughter. The Queen tells Illaria she will watch her daughter die in front of her. The scene ends with the two chained, crying, and standing, trying to get as close to one another as possible.

Back in Dragonstone Tyrion and Snow are talking about the White Walkers and the Night King and what is needed to vanquish them, dragonglass, and that there is a mound of it under them. Tyrion says he believes him but that Jon cannot expect Daenerys to believe a man she has never meet and is unwilling to bend the knee.

Tyrion convinces Daenerys to allow Jon to mine the dragonglass, telling her it is harmless and it would keep him and his men out of their way in their plans of attacking the Lannisters. Daenerys meets with Jon and tells him she will allow him to mine the glass. Snow tries to convince her of the White Walkers, but fails.

In Winterfell Sansa is called to the courtyard. Her brother Bran has finally come home. Surprised and relieved to see him she hops up on the cart and hugs him. The reunion is not what Sansa expected. Bran tells her he is the Three Eyed Raven, which is all knowing and all seeing. She is confused by what he is saying and he tells her it is hard to explain.

At the Citadel Jorah is examined by the Archmaester and cleared of any infection, Sam has cured him. Jorah is told he is free to leave. The Archmaester tells Sam he wants to see him in his office. Before Sam goes he and Jorah say good bye to one another and shake hands. Sam goes to the Archmaester’s office expecting to be reprimanded but is instead told he did a good job and that Jorah was alive because of him.

Tyrion explaining to those in the maps room how the Unsullied will defeat his brother and sister. During his explanation, it is taking place and the Unsullied are storming Casterly Rock. He tells of a secret passageway he built in the sewer system and this was how the Unsullied were going to gain entrance inside the castle. Ultimately, they prevail, but soon it is realized that the 10,000 soldiers that were expected, are not there. They see Euron and his fleet in the harbor attacking and burning the Unsullied ships.

In the last scene, Jamie Lannister is marching with the 10,000 men to House Tyrell. His army over takes them and he goes to Olenna who sits in wait for him. She knows he was sent to kill her by Cersei and wants to know how she plans to do it. Jamie offers her poison as a way out and Olenna drinks it quickly. Before Jamie leaves the room the old woman tells him she is the one who poisoned his and Cersei’s son, Joffrey. He leaves the room without saying a word to her.

By Tracy Blake


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