David Arquette Follows Courteney Coxs Engagement With His Own

David Arquette Follows Courteney Coxs Engagement With His Own

David Arquette Just one week after Courteney Cox engagement is announced, ex-husband David Arquette announces his own engagement to Christina McLarty. The 42-year-old- actor was out on a date with McLarty on Wednesday in Malibu and it was during a romantic sunset when Arquette decided to pop the question.

Arquette turned the proposal into a family affair with both his children present when he went down on bended knee outside the restaurant. Arquette has two children, one with Courteney Cox, Coco who is 10-years-old and Charlie West who is just two months.  Sources say that after Arquette asked the big question, McLarty turned to Coco and asked the 10-year-old if she had known that Daddy was going to do this. The liitle girl reportedly giggled uncontrollably, obviously excited and answered, “maybe.” Then the little girl was in a fit of giggles.

Oddly the announcement comes just a week after his ex, Courteney Cox has announced her engagement to Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol. Though the timing does look suspicious and, let’s face it, maybe a little weird, Arquette swears that he has been wanting to do this for a long time. It is no secret how Arquette was devastated after the divorce with Cox which lasted  almost 11 years. So to have the actor announce an engagement so soon after Cox just seems odd.

Cox, however, has stated in earlier interviews that regrets go hand in hand with divorce. The Friends star also said that how David will always remain a very close friend. So maybe the besties are going to plan a double wedding? Both Cox and Arquette had spoken to each other about their relationships and where they both thought it was headed. Both were aware of each others situation and both Cox and Arquette just want happiness for the other. Cox had even said that after a couple has been together for so long, it shows that they have tried at their marriage. Cox said that all that matters is that they are happy, even if that means not being with you. Very wise words indeed.

McLarty is a 33-year-old entertainment reporter and works as a correspondent with Entertainment Tonight. The couple have been together for a while and have a young son together, Charlie West. Charlie was just born two months ago so thinking of that, the timing seems to be fine. Arquette waited for the newborn and parents to get all settled in before asking the big one for the second time. McLarty now wears a beautiful ring that holds a blue stone at its center. The couple have been dating since 2011 and had a little bit of a break in 2012 but obviously that was mended pretty quickly.

Cox had tweeted out a pic of her and McDaid and captioned it with saying that she was engaged to him. McDaid tweeted the same photo and captioned basically the same thing but with “her” instead of “he”. Like all besties do, Arquette and McLarty tweeted out their news also.

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