Chris Brown: Violence Surrounds the R&B Singer

Chris Brown: Violence Surrounds the R&B Singer

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Chris Brown performed Monday night at the Supperclub in Hollywood at a YMCMB Drake vs. Lil Wayne after party. Shortly after his set, a fight broke out and someone was stabbed. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. The police have been unable to gather information and no arrest have been made because no one is talking. This is the second time violence has broken out surrounding a Chris Brown performance. Last month, Suge Knight, former owner of Death Row Records, along with two others were shot while attending a club where the R&B singer was a guest. Although Chris Brown was not directly involved in the scuffle, law enforcement believes his entourage has something to do with the recent string of altercations.

Brown has kept no secrets about his association with the “Bloods” street gang, and even though there has been no confirmation that this was gang related, law enforcement have grave concerns and feel that this will happen wherever they go. As TMZ reported, law enforcement has met with club owners in an attempt to pressure them to blacklist Brown, but his money is good so they are unwilling to turn him away.

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy and violence continues to surround the R&B singer. Ever since he was convicted of a felony for assaulting his-then girlfriend Rihanna, the musician has been tied to several altercations. Brown was sentenced to one year in jail back in May 2014 for violating his probation, and recently pled guilty to assaulting a man outside a Washington D.C. hotel. A rehab facility where Brown was a resident back in March 2014 confirmed that Brown suffered from post-traumatic stress and bipolar disorder, which could explain his past erratic and violent behavior.

Recently, Brown released an album entitled “X” and is going on a media tour in an effort to clean up his image. He seems to be accepting responsibility and has professed that jail has changed the way he views things. Moreover, the R&B singer has stated he now understands he is not invincible. Furthermore, he also sees or speaks to his therapist twice a week in an effort to continue to focus his frustrations and anger positively.

Chris Brown came into the industry at the tender age of 16, with his debut album peaking at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200 and was later certified double platinum. He became the first artist since P. Diddy to have his debut single top the Billboard Hot 100 and continued to top the charts with his second album. Moreover, he has been featured on several Billboard Top 100’s. Brown has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations, and dealing with it in the public eye has not made it any easier. He is a talented young man who deserves a second chance. Many fans hope the R&B singer stays on track and continues to grow. In order to succeed, he will have to change the environment of violence and people who have surrounded him. It has been a struggle for Brown to shake the negative publicity, even with his extraordinary talents, and further incidents of violence will not make it any easier.

By Ebony Satcher

Daily Mail

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