Big Freedia Returns to FUSE for Season 3

Big Freedia Returns to FUSE for Season 3

Big Freedia

Big Freedia the Queen Diva returns to FUSE network with the much anticipated season 3 of his hit reality show on Wednesday, February 3. “Big Freedia : Queen of Bounce” premiered on Fuse Network a little less than two years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. The reality show is a huge hit for Fuse, and they renewed the show for seasons 3 and 4. Freedia is the ‘queen’ of twerking and has proven it by setting the Guinness World Record for the longest “Twerk time” in 2013. Freedia is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where ‘Bounce “music call its home. Most of the world would recognize “Bounce” as twerking, in New Orleans however although they’re both very similar; “Bounce” is more of an art form. There is specific music in ‘Bounce” that earns it its own subgenre from hip-hop, called “Bounce Music.”  There are different types of ways to dance to bounce besides just twerking, it can vary from the way straight men dance to it, women, and gay men.

About 3 years ago I was introduced to “Big Freedia,” when I stumbled into a dive bar that was hosting a random “Bounce” night. The sounds of “Freedia’s” voice roaring over “beats” I have never heard used in such a matter before had intrigued me. The following day I had to do my research on who and what was the track I heard the night before. I finally located the host of the event, and she caught me up on who “Big Freedia” is. I found out that ‘Freedia’ was playing in a neighborhood music venue the following month. I spent the next thirty days learning how to ‘bounce’ Bounce music uses to types of beats, the “Triggerman Beat” and the “Brown Beat.”  The “Triggerman Beat” was made famous by the “Showboys” when they sampled it in the 80’s. The “Triggerman Beat” is in most, if not all of “Big Freedia’s” songs.

When I went to the show, I found myself disappointed, because “Freedia” had come by himself. The show was advertised as “Big Freedia and the Divas,” and without the Divas the show was missing a lot of the New Orleans flavor. I still was a fan and eventually became friends the Queen Diva herself. I have seen Big Freedia six times after that, and each time he brought his dancers. He never disappointed his fans again in my area. The “Divas” are absolutely phenomenal, they get the audience hyped up; and they twerk in different positions, and all over the stage. Bounce music is all about the freedom of expression, and the freedom of oneself. People from all different backgrounds and walks of life are brought together through ‘Big Freedia’s” music. There are other artists that are well known in the Bounce world of New Orleans. Freedia is the only artist from New Orleans who has been successful at bringing attention to the music to the rest of the world. Season 3 of Big Freedia ‘s show will be the season of all seasons.

By James Rockefeller Gray


Image courtesy of Richmond LamFlickr License

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