Archeage Shake the MMORPG World?

Archeage Shake the MMORPG World?


You might be wondering what Archeage is, and to answer that question simply; Archeage is freedom. The freedom in the massive world of online games to do what we’ve longed to do for so long, be able to do anything we wanted. Join me in this adventure as I tell you about a game that lets you do it all.

So for starters, Archeage is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) developed by Jake Song and XL Studios. The game allows thousands of players to shape and change the world around them. Players build or buy their own houses, claim their own land and build farms to gather crops to sell. This allows groups of players to create cities, kingdoms, farmlands and more. The economy is almost entirely controlled by the players. Rare materials are scatter around the world; some can only be found in certain climates in the world and need to be transported to cities through trade routes. Well what’s a trade route?

Trade routes give players the ability to carry their goods; on foot or on a mount in order to transport those goods to their home or a local city for storage. Certain routes have already been established by others who have already played the game, but other routes can be created. This gives players the freedom to start guilds to help deliver these rare goods across the world, or if they choose the more sinister side; to become a villain who steals from those hard working individuals.

Let’s say a group keeps attacking you on your trade route and you need help; well for that you can hire players who play the role of a mercenary to do jobs for you; like protecting your trade route, or helping to defend you when your band of pirates are hauling expensive loot across the sea.

Beware of the waters though, as the game supports full naval combat, you can deck out your sails with guild tags, purchase cannons and ballistae; the options are endless. With the addition of Naval combat in the game there are also fearsome creatures lurking the depths of the ocean like the Kraken, a vicious abomination that will rip through whole fleets just for the sake of being evil.

Now don’t get me wrong, this game isn’t just about the economy; it’s about doing whatever the heck you want to do while you play. Ever wanted to gather an army together with your friends and start a massive war against that guild that just seems like a bunch of savages? Go for it, but it might cause a mass rebellion of the people who support that guild, causing an even bigger war. Now I don’t know that for a fact, but is just an example of the freedom we can imagine from the game.

Archeage even features a player controlled court system where evil doers are sent either to court, or thrown right in jail to serve their time. How does this work? Well first the individual has to commit a number of crimes, and if those crimes are caught and reported the heathen gets a crime point for each felony. Then after reaching the threshold of 50 reported crimes you must avoid death, and re-logging into the game. Once you die or re-log into the game the player is asked if they want to go to court to plea their innocence, or to go right to jail. Once in court the jury determines the scoundrel’s fate. They can lengthen or reduce the sentence established by the games’ system, and ultimately decide the convicted player’s fate.

This revolutionary game offers endless hours of enjoyment for completely free if you choose to do so. XL Studios also offers a payment method for players who want a few added bonuses but in no way will those players have a distinct advantage over non-paid players. I hope this information has shed some light on Archeage and I hope to see you in the world upon its release; which is yet to be determined.

By James Kurtzweil


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