Occupier Holdouts Continue to Taunt Officials in Oregon

Occupier Holdouts Continue to Taunt Officials in Oregon

There are four holdouts remaining at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Center near Burns, Ore. David Fry is one of them. He posted a video in the early hours of Jan. 30, 2016, stating, “We’re not dead yet.” According to ABC News, the video is a reminder that the remaining occupiers are hyper-vigilant about being removed from the property forcefully. Fry’s video came after he hears what he believes are gunshots near the park entrance, which was only a “false alarm,” because the noise stemmed from some type of equipment. Also expressed is the concern over nearby aircraft.

Their vigilance comes after the arrests of many people who had been occupying the refuge earlier this week. As part of a Oregon Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) press release on Jan. 28, 2016, a video taken from a surveillance aircraft was released.

Additionally, the holdouts have made an adamant statement that they refuse to leave until all those charged have been released. Furthermore, they have told law officials that, unless they are given immunity from prosecution, they will not leave, and they are willing to die in defense of their position.

Sean Anderson and his wife have also been identified as holdouts on the refuge. Anderson says, “We are waiting for our miracle.” He believes that America needs to wake up and acknowledge why the occupation began and continues. During his statement, which was broadcast on YouTube, he equates himself with Bible heroes who rose to the top despite their shortcomings.

During the same broadcast, Anderson’s wife Sandy boldly stated, “It’s either all of us out or all of us dead.”

By Cathy Milne

ABC News: The Latest: Occupier Says “We’re Not Dead yet.”
Image Courtesy of Highway Patrol Images’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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